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YOGA MAT tree of life grey

YOGA MAT tree of life grey OTHER PRODUCTS
YOGA MAT tree of life grey OTHER PRODUCTS
YOGA MAT tree of life grey OTHER PRODUCTS
YOGA MAT tree of life grey OTHER PRODUCTS
YOGA MAT tree of life grey
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The colour of the yoga mat is grey on one side and green on the other.

YOGA MAT gives you energetic support to perform a relaxing yoga class. It is a yoga mat made of soft material and good dimensions (182x61 cm and thickness 6 mm) to practise yoga comfortably and enjoyably.

Yoga mats are also decorated with various symbols that have a strong effect and give them more energy. This yoga mat has, the flower of life symbol with energetic value, which provides strength, support, concentration, balance and energy healing when performing exercises.

TREE OF LIFE symbol is powerful and has a very long history in human history. The trees of life have always been considered a symbol of health, wisdom and healing. All because people have always known what power lies inside a tree or plant. Trees are given to the earth to give strength, health or living material.

The yoga mat is made of an environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer that is 100% naturally degradable. The material does not contain any allergens and is body-friendly. This yoga mat blocks slipping and is therefore comfortable to use. There is no need to be afraid of the yoga mat moving during yoga practice.

To make the yoga class more successful, burn different incenseessential oilscandles, keep the crystals close to you and make the environment spiritual at the same time.

To better preserve the yoga mat, do not expose it to direct sunlight for a long time. Unless you practice yoga outdoors.

You can clean the yoga mat with a damp towel.

Info length 182x61 cm, thickness 6 mm
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