Animals, birds or even fishes are our soul totems, we have definitely been one of these in a previous life before we ended up in our body today. As I have previously written, if today you are a human, it won´t mean that in all of your previous lives you were also in a human body. We travel to different bodies to get lessons, needed knowledge, and skills through them. Not always will we learn about our lives in an animal body, just as we cannot learn everything in a human´s body. We travel, travel and again travel for as long as we have learned everything on this Earth. We move around from body to body for as long as we have gotten all the lessons from that animal or bird. People really need to use everything they have learned from their soul totems. A human body is like a channel, through what we can change the world with what we have learned.


One of your past or future bodies may have been a cat. Cat soul totem symbolises independence, slyness or craftiness, curiosity, and mysticism. This is what our souls have when we go through the life of a cat with maximum use. This means that the person who has been a cat in one of his previous lives and done it successfully has acquired these character traits. If not, life has been half-done or it wasn’t successful, then independence will be fake, craftiness is there negatively, curiosity is unhealthy and the mystical world catches attention but intuition and visions could be filled with imagination, not the truth. But, who has done everything right as a cat has acquired the ability to be independent and be so genuinely? He can be sly and be curious about life, but not have an unhealthy curiosity towards other people or lives. He is curious about the mystical world and his intuition is trustworthy.


When you feel a strong connection with cats, then through this knowledge you can analyse whether your cat life was successfully done or you went into that life without the needed lessons. Analyse whether you can trust your intuition, will your visions come true, are you interested in life or, rather, someone else’s private life, can you be sly or deceive others, are you independent or are you only giving an impression about this to not seem weak? Answer these questions honestly and you’ll get your answer.


The purpose of a soul’s journey is to cleanse all negative character traits into positive, learn the peculiarities of different character traits, become only smarter, better, kinder, more caring and stronger from life to life. When the soul travels from one body to another and chooses a cat as one of his lives, then this soul has yet to acquire these character traits only the cat totem can teach. A soul is not independent, can’t use its slyness (for something positive), is not curious about life (that helps to learn, develop, spiritually grow in life) and don’t have the ability to use the mystical and invisible world for it’s own good (like faith into intuition, foresight, signs that help us to move towards the right direction in life when you know how to use them).


People who have had a cat as their soul totems have had at least one cat they lived within their lifetime. Generally, they have more than one cat.


Who has a cat as a soul totem are generally very talkative. You don’t like to keep your opinion for you when you feel like someone says something you’re not agreeing to. Sometimes you can even say something inappropriate or sharp that could shake the other side. But you can’t be silent, you don’t want to be misunderstood. You don’t want to agree with something you can’t simply agree with. You’re like a cat who impatiently sits beside you and then, suddenly, scratches you. Others also like your company, just like you would like a cat with your character.


When the cat sole totem has been made clear and everything necessary has been learned in a previous cat life, then in this life you could be like this:


- You like to fulfil your own wishes, without asking for help.


- You can read very useful lessons from the environment, people and signs. This happens on its own and by accident.


- It’s not a problem for you to take big risks and you won’t back out when you've set your eyes on something.


- You’re somewhat very self-centred or narcissist (look-at-me approach). Like cats sit beautifully on a post, fence, couch or car with the attitude: "Dear, look how beautiful, bright, shiny and gorgeous I am!"


- Sometimes you’re so independent that you could get stuck into something without being able to get out of it on your own. That same independence won’t take your mind on asking or looking for help. Sometimes you’re stubborn with things you should take easy and allow life to shape you.


- Whatever it takes you to have to feel you’re free and that no one has power over you. When you’re not feeling it, instead you feel limits and limitation, then you’ll move forward.


When you were a cat right before you became a human...


How to understand that you were a cat right before you came to this body or was it somewhere further in the past? I’m helping you to understand it.


Often we won’t be reborn in a human body, we may have layovers in different animals, birds or insects when we need it, that is we need to learn something before we return to the human body.


Your previous life was a cat life when you feel that a cat is your soul totem and you’re deeply connected with them. But this is not all that refers to your previous life. In this life as a human you’re fun, joyful, want to be a free spirit who no one but you has power over. In addition, others often feel that you’re flirty, something you never notice about yourself.


If your previous life was in a cat body, then in this life you must not do a certain mistake you can easily make!


This could make your life today in a human body a bit complicated when we talk about big responsibilities. In your soul, you love freedom and enjoy the fun. This could lead to you not subconsciously creating connections with a very deep meaning, don’t take big responsibilities and can take easily things that are actually important on the soul’s journey. For example, you may never have a family, creating a strong connection with your partner may never happen, you may never go deeply into your speciality. At least one of these things is important, helping to get many lessons in life. These three things are deep, full of lessons and when you take them easily, you’ll miss the lessons. This, in turn, creates a situation where you can waste your life here today. Life’s purpose is to be in constant self-development, learning and changing.


When you feel like your last life was a cat, then analyse yourself. Which field from these three is without a deeper meaning for you? When you find it, change your path. Start dwelling in it, find lessons and discover that part of your life. Just like cats do – be curious about life!


In addition to all of this, people who have spent their previous life as a cat can experience a lot of conflicts with women. Men can feel this in intimate relationships with women and women can feel this in friendships, stranger women and other close relationships.


Cat = a human before or after


What else shocking I can say is that all cats here and there around us have been humans in their past lives or will be in the future. Therefore, when you have a cat at home, then know that the reason it seems like a person to you is that it has been or will soon be one! Scary and mystical at the same time.


Over the years when I have analysed cats and interpreted their spiritual side I have made the conclusion that this is true. Cat’s body is like a medium between a human, some other being and a human or between a human and some other life form. Cats are the so-called mediators.


Why so? The cat symbolises the mystical side of life, curiosity and these two character traits help souls to stay on track. In the sense that the mystical side helps to believe that there is something somewhere we can’t always sense, there is something as a message for you, there is always something we have to investigate. Curiosity helps to move forward in life as it has the strength that gives hope and the will to live. Because we still have something to discover, it gives strength to move forward in life.


Already the fact that many can live with cats is a sign that cats are mediators for humans. Those who can exist in this life together are also spiritually similar. This is a similarity people recognize in subconsciousness and that helps to live under the same roof with a cat.


When your soul totem is not a cat, but cats come to your path as a messenger, what that means?


Signs are sent to you from everywhere, different ways and environments in which we exist, through what your own Guardian Angel can guide you and inform you. At one moment when cats come to your way whether as symbols, shapes, real cats or you constantly hear something about cats, then this is a sign from above. This must not be ignored, you need to interpret it for yourself. I will help you to understand the meaning behind this sign.


Probably your own Guardian Angel or other Angel wants to tell you: "Be more daring and focused on things you’ve set your eyes on or will!" A message sent through cats is encouraging and motivating. Listen to your Angel, I believe he knows best what you need when you can’t notice the right thing in your life.


Rhyolite is a crystal that helps you to better understand your life and path. Rhyolite helps to understand Karma and understand why some things are so strongly represented in your life. For example, it helps to understand what connects you to cats. In addition to Rhyolite, also Thunder Egg can analyse the travelling of souls.