Have you ever watched the time precisely at 15:51 and this has somehow fascinated you, captured your attention or simply stopped once in thoughts? If you by accident see the time and the clock says exactly 15:51 and your thoughts are caught, then this message was sent to you by an Angel existing beside you. Noticing this number on a clock is mystical, and if this comes with an emotion that indicates that this is not just a time, then this emotion was given to you by that very same Angel who was beside you at that time,  and, of course, he also gave you this message.


I have previously talked a lot about how Angels try to contact us, and the stronger your connection with the Angel world is, the more Angel crystals there are in your life, the more Angels will start to connect with you. Angels send combinations of numbers to you, so that you would read a message from that secret language, that you need to know exactly that moment. Again and again, I remind that you need to translate Angel messages right away so that they won´t get lost in translation. To try to understand them later is very complicated.


I’m helping you to understand what the time 15:51 means in the Angel world, and the meaning only goes for the exact combination, which means that it won’t apply 15:00 or for example 00:15. 15:51 meaning also goes for 1551, when it appears into your life in some other context.


If 1 and 5 both appear double, the power of their numbers is also multiplied. 1 symbolizes the need for action, taking the first step, starting something, becoming self-confident, creating an act of motivation, capturing motivation and inspiration. 5 in this combination symbolizes making positive choices, versatility, vitality, energy, good attitude and learning from an experience.


Keep your head up and stay motivated!


If you look at the clock exactly at 15:51 or see this number in some other form, your Guardian Angel or someone else in the Angel world has a message to convey to you. This message is part of a motivational call directed at you. . Seeing this number, someone in the Angel world wants to say that you have to stand up and move on. Your guardian Angel will also let you know that at the moment you have no time to fall down and hold on to the stress-energy. On the other hand, he advises you to be positive, courageous, and to take steps that will create well-being in your life.


If you see this number, the Angels are behind you at that time. They will help you achieve your goals and create a favorable future for you. When you see 1551, it is the right time to do a variety of rituals and magic or candle rituals, that will fulfil your desires. This number comes to you when you need to know that things are moving for the better. Be grateful when you see this Angel number, someone is guarding and helping you.


Remember, if numbers 1 and 5 are in 1551 combination, then all your actions must be of goodwill. Angels fulfil your dreams so that no one else should suffer. The double number 5 in adjacent positions indicates that your dream can only come true if it does not hurt anyone else.


The guardian Angel is your personal Angel, with whom you establish a strong and admirable bond. Carry Opalite, with you so that there is always a clear connection between you.


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