Have you ever dreamed that someone was hugging you or you yourself were the one hugging and it all seemed so real? You felt that warmth, the emotions, there were feelings in it and that moment was like alive? There are certainly many of you who have dreamed of such an unrealistic hug. I will help explain what hugging means in a dream and what you could do with that knowledge.


First of all, I want to say that if you felt that the dream was extremely real, it was part of an astral projection. At this point, you can say, "I've experienced astral projection!". Our entire spiritual, spiritual, emotional and physical body participates in the astral projection. That's what you feel with all your abilities. The dreams of astral projection are more meaningful, so they are remembered and touch our souls more deeply. Because they need your attention. So that you don't forget them and you try to unravel them


Coming back to the hug...


Seeing a hug or hugging in a dream is not very rare. Many people see this, and especially because the hug means something great to all of us. It is a symbol of love, intimacy, compassion, acceptance and longing. This meaning is just as accurately transmitted to the world of dreams. A hug refers to those feelings. In different contexts, the meaning of a hug may be different. To better understand your dream, try to interpret it as accurately as possible. Some hugs in your dream are a good omen, while others may indicate betrayal.


A hug with someone you haven't seen in a long time may be a hint from your subconscious that you miss this person or vice versa, he misses you. It could also be a prophecy that the two of you will meet soon. In the coming days, you may experience how he contacts you or you end up in the same place at the same time.


Hugging or hugging a partner or a loved one indicates the emergence of closeness or a greater need for it. Ask yourself, "Have we become far apart for each other lately?", "Have we started spending more time together?". By asking these questions, you will understand whether the dream is a hint that you should dedicate yourself more to each other or whether your relationship will become stronger and more romantic. Regardless of which option is right, it is a good dream and provides a useful hint about your relationship.


Hugging or receiving a hug from a family member can have a meaning similar to that of hugging one's own loved one, of course without a romantic meaning. It may be a signal from the subconscious that you need to dedicate more time to your family member, notice him or her more, help him or her, or you have recently begun to get along better. This dream may also indicate that differences will be resolved and family ties will become stronger. It can also be a hint that there is good news coming in the family circle. Something good is happening to someone that you will soon know about.


Hugging a friend indicates that you need the support and help of your friend. The opposite version, where a friend hugs you, suggests that he is the one who needs your help. If a hug between you and a friend is a mutual initiative, then you are both beneficial to each other. This is a situation of mutual gain the dream came to tell you about.


A dream where you hug a stranger is not a good thing. If you had such a dream, it is a warning and you should be extremely careful in the following period. This could mean that someone unfamiliar to you could gossip behind you or be somehow dangerous to you. When you see such a dream, be sure to not open yourself to people you do not know for a while. Rather, stay away and let this danger pass you by.


This dream can also highlight a problem you are facing with someone unfamiliar to you. This dream tells you the danger so that you know how to keep and protect yourself.


A dream where a stranger hugs you, i.e. the originator of the hug is him, not you - this dream has a different meaning. If you were not the initiator, but it was him, it will bring good prophecy. It's a sign that you're being noticed and in a good way. Maybe your work is remarkable, you impress someone, you are inspiring. That's definitely good attention. It may be a stranger with whom you have no connection, but he notices and respects you. When you see such a dream, you can definitely be very happy.


Rejecting or refusing a hug does not in itself bring anything good. A dream suggests that you may disagree with someone. You may find yourself in a quarrel or conflict where your opinion does not coincide with that of another person.


A dream where you rejoice in something and thus automatically hug someone indicates good luck. Something is going to work in your life, you will achieve your desired result and this joy of victory will soon be transferred to your life. Here you can take a hint as to which direction happiness strikes you. This is helped by who you hug or what else happened in that dream. Define all the small details to understand where happiness finds you.


There is a difference between a hug and a hug - which means that every hug in a dream does not mean love, acceptance and approval. If a hug in a dream seemed fake, then it refers to fake love. If it was emotional, warm and pleasant, it refers to love and good luck. Cold and warm hugs have a difference of meaning. Try to remember what the hug you experienced in your dream felt like. Was it sincere? Was it awkward? Did you enjoy it? All this gives you an explanation of what the dream was about. Discomfort highlights an uncomfortable situation. A warm and protected feeling in someone's embrace, however, brings out the feeling that you will be accepted and have your own living Guardian angel.


Use dream crystals to interpret dreams. Keep Zeolite, Phosphosiderite and other dream crystals in your bedroom. Hang a dream catcher to the ceiling and hang on to it wheels of sun, which activate you to see prophetic dreams. 


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