All people are born with certain numerical indicators. Our own birthday has different numbers that carry on to our soul and Aura with a certain strength. Behind these numbers is a great deal of knowledge about your own soul. Your birthday shows you what you are and what special energy you carry with you.


The first number of your birthday, the day you were born, carries certain energy that affects your nature. It is no coincidence when a child is born to this world. The same way it is no coincidence on what day in a month you were born. Your birth date indicates what energy is in your Aura body.


Birthdate affects a person's zodiac. This generally enhances certain peculiarities of the zodiac or enhances some of the specific energies that are in excess. This is also the reason why sometimes a representative of a zodiac sign doesn’t feel like other members of the same sign. Numerology affects astrology and vice versa. While reading your own indicators, you have to summarize all off these and understand that one affects the other.


The birth date effect on a persons life path and character gives a part of the whole that is his soul. To completely understand who, for example, you are then you have to add up all your astrological and numerological indicators and from that, you’ll get the real answer. When, for example, astrological and numerological indicators have overlapping character traits, then they will be in you very strongly, but when there are many different, then you are more balanced, etc.




If you were born on the first day, its numerological power will send you throughout your life. It gives you more character traits and adds value to your other numerological and astrological indicators.


Your date of birth gave you a proper energy charge at birth. This date makes you active and even into an activist with certain things that truly interest you.


You’re purposeful and independent. When you’re born in any first date, in any month, then you can be described with these two words. These are the main qualities this date carries with itself. Determination anywhere your heart or interest belongs to. When you have found something for yourself you wish to achieve or create then you simply do it.


Independence is the second character trait of a person born on the first day. The need to be independent does not exist in you because it’s such a natural part of you that this is not something you have to achieve. You are independent. You have the ability to always be your own leader, act on your own and on your own way, something you inspire with other people by your side. Determination and independence are the traits you need to pass on to others, teach and inspire other people to bring these character traits forward in themselves. These are two of the hardest qualities to teach to someone, that’s why you have to be the one who helps others to become like this. Even when you knowingly are not teaching or inspiring people by your side it happens subconsciously and by itself. People who run away from becoming determined and independent will see your strong sides as arrogance. But this is their business, you just keep on flying forward in the speed of light.


You know you can lead your own fate. And if it’s not possible then take charge. When you’re born on the first day than know how important it is to lead your own life, to support yourself, plan, move towards your own goals, sense future and to correct it when you foresee danger. You love to move fate, to correct it and lead. You have strong leadership skills and they come out in many things you think, feel and do. In certain levels, fate can be changed, this is the opportunity you will use. When you don’t like anything, then you make it change its face in your life or you’ll move away from it.


Leadership skills the number one carries in itself allow you to make decisions in your life very quickly. Often even difficult decisions others wouldn’t dare to make. Well, you’re the first day, you need to show the way to others. Making a decision is necessary. When a moment comes where you haven’t had the time to make it, then analyse, generate and commit yourself to it. The decision has to be made, no matter what. You can’t give fate the chance to give you an uncomfortable surprise. Games need to be played in life and only those will win who take risks. You dare to risk.


Your magnetic personality attracts other people. When you’re born on the first date then you know that no matter where you go, you will find new acquaintances easily and socialising with people is not hard. This is not a difficult thing because you radiate something that makes other people come to you. You may not want to meet new people, but others would want to meet you. Because you’re born on the first day, that is you are an independent person, you won’t need company that much. But, the company chooses you. Actually, there is a reason why you have this magnet. You radiate confidence, ambition, broad mind and this is charming. But your date of birth radiates the need to be with yourself, alone, by yourself, but you’re not lonely. This means that you can often feel how you want to spend time only with yourself, but not with everyone else. When for a long time you haven’t had the chance to stay away from crowds, then you’ll lose balance. Knowing that constantly jump into the crowds, out of it and then back again. When you’re intuitive enough, then you’re maybe even doing so and recognize yourself here.


Your hearty and strong character is at the same time your trump card and also your weakest spot. People love your strong character traits, but there are also those who take this as danger and create a negative opinion about you. They will love you, be your friends or they won’t like you. This is definitely familiar to people born on the first date. But you’re not doing anything for it knowingly. You are you, as real as possible. It depends on who interprets you. He sees your charm or he is afraid of it. Who sees it, will walk with you on your path of life. Who is afraid of your mettlesome and strong character will create a monster out of you in his head. But you won’t care about it and until it’s like this until then there is no matter.


You like to help people, you have a lot of wisdom and knowledge about how to manage in life. That’s why a lot of people move towards you for help. When someone needs help, then take this as a mission you need to finish. Who sincerely wants help will get a good result. Who is afraid to make changes can feel like you’re dominating.


Constant changes, moving forward in life and fulfilling ambitions is your thing. You’re restless when you have no purpose towards what to move when you don’t have big things to work with. You need action, this is what keeps you alive. This is also the reason why you become restless when something is done and there isn’t a new thing following right away. A recommendation for you – always take on the ideas and ambitions when you have time for them. This is the fuel of your life. 


In addition to all of this, you like to use your knowledge and create something from them. You absolutely can’t stand knowledge and wisdom not being used or practised. For you, these are wasted knowledge and information exchange. When you witness this being done, then you don’t want to understand it.


You’re quite stubborn when you have set yourself a goal and you have to learn to listen to other people’s advice. It’s hard for you to do so because you’re used to creating and laying your own path. But not always are the ideas and advice from other people weaker than your own. You need to learn when the recommendations have value and when not. When you have acquired that ability then it will be easier for you and this improves you getting along with people close to you.


You have everything to be successful both spiritually and financially. You have a very good chance to achieve something in your life, let it be spiritual or material. Depends on which side in you is more important, spiritual or worldly. You have enough mettlesome, confidence, independence and willpower to bring success to your life. You need to keep away from laziness that could come very unexpectedly. These moments go with this date of birth. When you know that you can only go with these moments once a month, two mostly, then they won’t lead you astray. Keep away from the third time.


To be successful you only need to live by your own ideas and inspiration, to find specific targets to work for. A balanced person born on the first does his thing and does it well. An unbalanced person will share his energy everywhere and won’t achieve much. Be smart and choose your directions.


Grandiose kindness. When you’re born on the first day, then there won’t be any problem to be grandiosely good with someone you love or who has shown respect to you. When love moves towards you, then you share it back. The unbalanced person born on that date is greedy and won’t share anything from himself. There are extremes, which one are you? I don't recommend leaning towards the negativity as it blocks karmic luck energy. When you won’t share then you won’t get anything from life. Therefore, those who are grandiosely kind, good luck and opportunities will come to their life.


The most important years in your life are 19, 28, 39 and 56. These years will grow your soul, correct your mind and carry big chances in themselves. All Leos, who come to your life is linked to your past lives. This is where they come from and they have returned to finish or to continue the purpose you two have. In health matters, it’s important to take care of your eyes, spine and back muscles. Your lucky crystal Aqua Aura helps you to find luck in this life and keep you healthy.


According to your date of birth, your lucky crystal is Aqua Aura. You should keep this crystal by your side for your whole life, this brings good luck, achievements, vitality and inspiration for your life. Aqua Aura creates relationship luck, love and overall good energy into your life. A crystal that helps to keep you away from being unbalanced and keep you always on the right path of fate. This is your life supporting crystal, helping you to create what you need to create in this life.


It’s very good to carry this crystal during your life in certain periods,  even better would be to keep it in your personal birth crystal chest.


The first number of your birth date talks quite a bit about you, numerology is given to you for understanding yourself more!


To understand yourself completely, you need to look at all your astrological and numerological indicators together and analyse them. The guide on how to do this can be found HERE.