The Sun is the brightest and the most visible star in our solar system, with enormous power and influence over our Earth. If there would not be the Sun, there would be no life on this Earth, and as important is the Moon, the Sun is also. Like the Moon affects us, the Sun affects us also. The Sun has physical and spiritual healing qualities. I will tell you about how the Sun heals your spiritual body.

Walking in the sunshine, being in the sunlight and enjoying the sunlight is really needed. Every day, for at least once, you should show yourself to the Sun, despite the weather outside. If you are a massive Sun lover, then I will help you to understand, what it spiritually gives you, and those, who necessarily wish to hide from the Sun, maybe will change their attitude towards the Sun.

The Sun is a star with huge strength and power, which unfortunately many people still take as an ordinary thing and won´t really focus on its importance. In reality, the Sun has the ability to gift us with vitality and the energy of life. The Sun is one of the best energy sources for a persons spiritual, that is for his mental body.


If you spend time in the Sun, then it will charge you, you are like a solar panel that restores vitality in itself and lets its spiritual body to recover. If a person has not spent time in the Sun in a long time, then the supplies will start to run out and you need to go and charge yourself again. It is sufficient if you spend at least half an hour of your day outside and your energy sources are always charged. People, who do not spend time in the Sun, are more stressed, spent, negative and nervous. If you, for example, feel like your are plagued with emotions like this, then let the Sun heal you and take it as your goal to spend time in the Sun.

Charging Solar Plexus Chakra with Sun energy activates your upper and lower Chakras for healing, so if the Solar Plexus Chakra has gotten the needed energy from the Sun, other Chakras will get their energy through that.

During the summer people are more cheerful and active not only because the temperatures outside are warmer, but also because they move more in the Sun and this is what creates positive energies in you. People who take walks outside during the winter times or spend time outside during the time when the Sun is out, are physically more energetic and brighter.

What I want to say is, that I wish to inspire you to have more contact with the Sun, to find time in your day to spend time in the nature or outside the walls of your house, do it for healing yourself.

First of all, the Sun activates your Solar Plexus Chakra, as the name betrays. The Solar Plexus Chakra is situated above your navel If you take your hand and place it above your navel, then this is exactly where your third Chakra, that is the Solar Plexus Chakra, is situated. There is a channel recording energy, that restores energy through food, Sun, your own thoughts or, for example, crystals. This is a recording channel, where the life force of your soul is situated. If you feed or bring your body together with elements containing the force of life and vitality, then the Solar Plexus Chakra records all of this for you. If your Solar Plexus Chakra does not contain enough needed energy, then you will begin to feel this through your emotions and overall physical health. The Solar Plexus Chakras lack of energy causes depression, debility, laziness, loss of humour, blocks the movement of abundance energy and creates different kinds of metabolism problems. The Solar Plexus Chakra needs constantly to be charged with energy and you should definitely do that. Take it upon yourself to spend time in the Sun, eat a lot of plant based foods and charge yourself with crystals..

People are made for living under the Sun, therefore the Sun is an important element in our existence. You do not have to bring yourself together with different sunscreens, which are not 100% natural, when you spend time in the Sun. People were not made to exist with the Sun, if it would be life threatening for us. Of course, every element, given by the nature, have its good and harmful qualities, but moderate time in the Sun is most definitely not harmful, if there isn´t an illness in your body, that doesn´t suffer from the Sunlight. So, do not be afraid of the Sun, it does more good than bad to you. Keep your body clean while simply being in the Sun, and use plant based oils for moistening your body. Best Sun oils are Avocado oil and Jojoba oil. Feed your biggest organ, that is the skin, properly, so that you could be healthy.

The Sun has one very good quality that we cannot look past - it manages to release in a spiritual level the so-called “dirt” existing in the subconsciousness. The Sun has the power that breaks down the negativity in your soul, that is gotten stuck in you, that you have not been able to release and this works as a spiritualdetox. While charging yourself in the Sun, it may feel from the very first moment that an unexplainable lightness has appeared into your soul. If you catch that emotion in the Sun, then at that very moment the Sun cleanses something in your subconsciousness, that has gotten stuck like a piece of dirt in there. Later, after spending time in the Sun, you may begin to feel, from the Moons effect, how you start to think over something for yourself. The Sun releases the energies that are stuck and the Moon helps to properly send it out of yourself, that is why people tend to think about their life in the night. Now you know why sometimes your own thoughts won´t let you wall asleep. The Sun activates the stuck energies and the Moon releases them. In the spiritual sense we will need both celestial bodies and you will also need to know their power.

SUNSTONE is a crystal most closely related to the Sun. The Sunstone absorbs the energy from the Sun and charges itself the fastest under the Sun. Sunstone has similar abilities as the Sun, it gives you the energy you need and strength for existing. You will draw the power of the Sun quicker, when you wear Sunstone. I recommend Sunstone if you wish to be in contact with the most needed star for us and to get strength from it. In addition, Sunstone heals your Solar Plexus Chakra and during the winter, when you are not in the Sun as much, replaces the energy the Sun usually gives you. So, it is particularly useful to wear Sunstone during the darker and wintry periods.

Have a wonderful time in the Sun and being in contact with it, value what this star has to offer to you. Gear yourself towards drawing its energy, in the Sun open yourself up to healing.