Candles are familiar elements to everyone, with a beautiful appearance and a beautiful light. But do everyone know, apart from a beautiful appearance and cosy feeling, what candles can give you? In fact, there is magic and witchcraft in candles. Candles are very magical elements and very many people unconsciously are pulled towards the candles. At one point, it just feels there is a need to burn a candle. At that moment, in fact, the human soul recognizes when it needs to do a little ritual for itself, to open their senses, purify, or launch something within you. Candles are much more than beautiful elements in your home.

The use of candles has long been in the history of mankind. Already in ancient Egypt there were candles, and the tradition of burning candles was known to begin. The first introduction of the candle was earlier than 3000 years BC.

The candles are made from different waxes, paraffins and essential oils. Oils are those that give the candle a special power. Essential oils of the plants are those that give candle a unique effect and, of course, the colour of the candle.

It is beneficial to burn candles at any time! They open spiritual energies and help you achieve precisely what you want to achieve!

Relaxation, peace, meditation and Aura cleaning

Burning of a candle creates a very calming emotion in the human soul, helps a person to relax and lower their wave. The lower wave is the phase where we are able to hear the voice of our intuition, where we begin to capture visions, where we begin to hear our inner voice. By taking our energies to a lower wave through the use of soothing elements, we will actually get the state of meditation. Very sensitive people love candles because they subconsciously perceive that the light of a candle is what calms the mind. Sensitive people have a lot of stress because they are like “sponges” about the environment and people. Sponges, who unintentionally also absorb negative energy to their souls. Candle light will help a sensitive person to release the negativity that he mistakenly has taken from someone. However, the candles are very appealing to all people – some more, some less.

Candles are burned with incense, to bring complete peace. Burn a candle of which energy is desired to be absorbed and, likewise, a special incense, the effect of which is tempting. Adding these two elements together brings you peace or another emotional phase very quickly.

Candles are burned with incense to amplify the whole process of this magical ritual, but also because the flame of a candle helps the Aura to make its cleaning work much faster. Candle activates changes, and when you burn the candle with an incense, the incense can quickly eliminate the bad energy from your Aura, which, the plant inside this incense, has ability to purify inside you.

Candles and incense should always be available at home so that you can get help from them if necessary. If you need to relax and find your inner peace again.

Why you are attracted to candles during darkness

Have you noticed that if there is not enough sunlight outside, you have a frantic need for burning candles. It has its own reason. Candle`s flame is a fire. Fire symbolizes the sun, light, heat, positivity, vitality, energy, and going forward. This same energy is also symbolized by the sun. If the sun's light is diminished, your soul will quickly have a need to replace that energy with something. The candle`s flame gives us the same thing as the sun. Burning candles during darkness blocks the formation of stress, fatigue and loss of life energy. Now you know why in the dark your soul desires for a candle light.

Rituals and magic

The candle and its flame has always been the main element of witchcraft. Candle is one of the basic elements used in various rituals and magic. If you've been following the articles I have written, you also know that I'm writing about various magic rituals and how to do them. In all these magic processes you will need a candle. There is a very big reason for this.

Firstly, candles are used in such magical activities because the candle launches the message in the rituals / magic. The flame of a candle has the ability to confirm your thought, desire, prayer, emotion, need and faith.

Thoughts spoken to the candle or the Rune are attached to the candle. Then the candle flame will burn your thoughts or the Rune. If the candle is burned, the message is attached, and nobody can delete the message from the air if it is not known how you launched this ritual / magic.

That's why I often write about candle magic rituals, because the candle already will do a lot of work for you. Rituals / magic without the use of a candle, you need to use a lot more of your thoughts so that the magical process starts to work at all.

Candle does a great job in witchcraft, but not just a candle. If you've noticed, my rituals / magic are also related to crystals. In most of them you will need crystals. Why is it like that? Crystals have been part of magic since the beginning of time, and their use gives you the opportunity to make this magical process work at all. The candle with crystals will create a favourable ground that your desires could be fulfilled. There are energies inside the crystals and there are elements in them. If you want to achieve something, then use crystals with specific energy, which create a thought for ritual / magic. You can attach your thoughts to the crystals and when making rituals / magic, with candle flame you confirm your thoughts. They stay there and continually give you the energy that you need to achieve your desirable result. This is also a reason why you should leave most of the rituals / magic crystals to your home so that they can be near you and work with you all the time before reaching the desired result. So, in the future, you can see in my written articles about candle and crystal magic. They are just very effective!

Rituals and magic are only made with unburnt candles. The candles used in them will never be burnt for any other purpose.

One wish candle magic

It is possible to launch one wish with a candle if you want to make a very simple magic ritual. To do this, you will take a specific candle to what you put your wish on. For this, use a white candle or candles made with different essential oils, which already have the message inside. With a Rose candle, you wish for love, with a Basil candle you wish for materialistic desire, peace with Lily of the valley candle, etc.

Place an unburnt candle in front of you, and before you light the candle, close your eyes and make one wish. Of course, the wish should not contain negative words (no, never, never want), but it should contain words with very positive energy. Repeat your wish in your mind for as long as possible, and if you feel that you have been able to express your desire, then you will light the candle with a match and, of course, at the same time thinking about your wish. This way, you can easily encode the candle to generate specific energy. You let this candle burn beautifully, and if in the meanwhile you need to extinguish it, then when you light the candle again, make the same wish in your mind for which this candle exists.

You can do this candle ritual at any time, no matter how many times. I make such one-wish candle magic with the candles that I burn in the crystal candle holders. This is because the crystal already gives me an advantage in order for that wish to be fulfilled. For example, inside a Fluorite candle holder, I often burn candles so that visions would come to me. Such visions that I need to know. When I place a candle in the Selenite candle holder I ask the Angels for guidance, signs and knowledge. I have a lot of different crystal candle holders, and this gives me the opportunity to send a very wide variety of wishes at different times.

Lighting the candle

The candle must always be lit from a match, not from any other candle lighter. Match is natural and does not rob the candle's energy but gives it more. Using all kinds of modern tools to light a candle will swallow and rob the candle's energy. So, always keep matches at home to burn the candles.

Burning different candles for the same purpose at the same time gives you the opportunity to light a candle from another candle`s flame. In this case, the candles work with you for one particular purpose. For example, if you light candles in your home with the idea that you want to get peace, then light the candle with another candles flame. Insert a tip of the candle in the burning fire to light the other candle.

Extinguishing the candle

In rituals and in magic, you can never blow out the candles. Blowing the candles will undo this magic process. Blowing the candles is used when something has gone wrong. This is for you to take your thoughts and wishes back. So, if you're doing something wrong with rituals / magic, be sure to blow out the candle. Then you can start the entire process again. However, if you have launched your rituals / magic fine, do not blow out the candle. In this case, I push the burning part of the candle inside the wax and pull it back from the wax. In this case, you can extinguish the candle without blowing it. Another option is to use a candle extinguisher that is placed above the flame to extinguish the flame.

You might surely think, but what about birthday candles, which are blown out after making a wish? This is just a birthday tradition where things have gone a bit wrong. In fact, these candles should be let burn off. If you want to continue with this tradition, then blow out the candles, but do not make a wish. Later, take another candle, to which you give your wish, or let your child to give it a wish.

What to do with a leftover candle?

Very often I am asked what to do with the leftover candle used in a ritual / magic?

The candles that you use in witchcraft rituals / magic, you can throw away in the usual way when the Rune, another symbol, text, or your name has been burned out. If nothing is drawn on a candle with a knife, or if the elements drawn there are burned down, you can simply throw it away. In this case, this candle has done its job and does not cause bad energy if you throw it away. However, if some elements drawn on the candle are left, and it is necessary to dispose the candle as it can not be burned down, it will be brought to the graveyards bin. Why? This is because the spirits move around in the graveyard, absorbing the energy of the unfulfilled rituals, cleansing it so that they finish off this ritual. Feels eery? It is not eery at all. However, the candles that you simply burn, you can throw them out, without having to walk to the graveyard.

Recommendation for candle selection

If you want to burn candles inside the crystal candle bases, use white tea candles. A white coloured candle is generally neutral, and with this candle colour, you can not choose wrong.

For magic rituals use bigger candles. This is to make your thoughts and wishes to move to the right places more powerfully. The longer you burn the candle, the more powerful the candle power will get and the more likely it will be to fill your desire.

From my ritual & magic candlesticks choose a candle for which energy you want. They already have their own message, knowingly choose the right energies and send out your wishes with a candle where an idea analogous to your wishes has already been put in place.

One way is to go to the candle counter and let the candle come towards you intuitively. Whether you subconsciously choose the color you are looking for or let the candle`s aroma speak to you. In this case, you are using your intuition and you choose exactly the right candle for yourself.

The colour of the candle adds extra energy to the candle and, when it is made of essential oils, its colour gives a special force to the plant`s power

If you choose candles, be very aware of what the colour of the candle can give you. I wrote down what the candle colours mean, so that you can use the candles more consciously. Here, I brought out the emotions that come with the color of the candle, but the candles made from different essential oils still carry more of the energy of the plant that the candle is made from.

WHITE Neutral candle color, cleansing, balancing, clarifying the senses, inviting peace and good souls, and Angels. White is the most universal candle that can be used to send out any kind of wish.

BLACK Protection, removal of curse energy, create protection, keep away from bad spirits, cleanse stress and depression energy. The black coloured candle blocks negative portals and bad energy between your home walls.

BLUE TONES Dark Blue symbolizes a profound meditational state, the blue symbolizes visions and strengthening of an intuition, the light blue candle colour symbolizes angels and a sense of peace.

GREEN TONES Dark green symbolizes gaining wisdom, healing from diseases, and coming out of material problems. Green symbolizes healing and cash flow energy. Light green symbolizes the arrival of good ideas.

YELLOW TONES Dark yellow symbolizes the removal of deviousness and fatigue. Yellow symbolizes vitality, energy, positivity and new beginnings. Light yellow will relieve stress, nervousness and help you get rid of mood fluctuations.

BROWN TONES Dark brown symbolizes past lives, distant visions, and deep problem solving. Brown symbolizes resolving tension and settlement of current situations. Light brown symbolizes getting rid of bad energy.

GREY TONES Dark Gray symbolizes abandoning of the past and the creation of a new beginning, light grey candle symbolizes visions, balance, and visions of the future.

GOLDEN AND SILVER TONES A golden candle symbolizes wealth, prosperity, evoking energies, vitality and power. Silver candles symbolize visions, future-oriented visions, and suppression of negative emotions.

ORANGE TONES Orange symbolizes humour, taking life or present moment lightly, happiness, joy, ability to enjoy something and it helps to get rid of sad thoughts.

RED TONES Dark red symbolizes passion, solving relationship problems, finding and restoring love. The red colour symbolizes inviting of love. The bright red candle symbolizes repairing the wounds of love and releasing of old emotions or love.

PINK TONES Dark pink symbolizes improvements of old emotional wounds, forgetting and leaving your previous life behind. Pink symbolizes new love, new breathing, new opportunities, relationship luck and romance. Light pink is the most powerful energy for creating romance, it has the ability to create a good feeling and is also used to invite friendship.

PURPLE TONES Dark purple symbolizes dreaming, evoking dreams and the visions. The purple symbolizes stronger intuition, boosting of spiritual energy and spiritual development. Light purple symbolizes the removal of spiritual blockades and becoming more sensitive.

A flame that burns in a candle gives your soul light, warmth, vitality, energy, it motivates you to act, gives you hope and peace.