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APACHE TEAR is one of the forms of Obsidian. This faster acting crystal is mainly intended to treat sadness, pain, and emotional burnout. Apache Tear crystal helps to understand that when a person has left, he must be allowed to go. Apache Tear teaches to let go and move on with life. If someone close to you has passed away or has simply decided to leave then Apache Tear is the best crystal to use for emotional healing. Because it teaches you to let go, to understand that every person has their own time and that every relationship does not last forever, but rather people come to teach us something and then they leave. I suggest keeping Apache Tear very close to the heart or between the bed and the mattress in a place where your heart is located while you are sleeping. Apache Tear will be kept with you until you feel that you no longer cry over that person or the issue doesn’t hurt you anymore and you can talk about it without crying. 

I also recommend Apache Tear when you have been hurt by someone in childhood or in the past. Whether harassed, humiliated, bullied, deprived of love, or if mother or father leaving the family has caused deep wounds in the soul. Apache Tear helps to get rid of the pain that is caused to you (in this case, I suggest combining with Rhodonite). Apache Tear crystal should always be carried with you. Apache Tear crystal is also used to release the pain caused by the most painful memories. Such problems don’t leave the soul overnight, but with time and until you feel the pain in your soul, I do not advise to leave the stone but to carry it with you always.

Apache Tear must definitely be cleaned and charged more than the other crystals, because it works with very grim emotions. If you are wearing the crystal during the day, then at night keep it on a window sill on the Celestite or Quartz, Rock Crystal geode. If it’s between your mattress, then clean it during the day under the running water and from time to time let it rest on a Citrine geode in the sunlight.

If your life has the problem where you constantly have to deal with hearing a negative opinion from your loved one, then Apache Tear will help your bear it. Apache Tear crystal helps you to forgive your loved ones who constantly hurt your with words and make you immune so that you do not let such unhealthy opinion to reach your soul. If you wish to decide for yourself who you are and what’s best for you, then keep or use Apache Tear at home to improve the energy.

- Wear Apache Tear with Ruby in Zoisite. Ruby in Zoisite is a crystal for healing the soul, giving you the ability to feel joy in life and deal with your inner problems. Ruby in Zoisite enriches your soul with a positive power that feeds your soul while you are dealing with your inner problems. This crystal helps you to heal without feeling bad emotions. Ruby in Zoisite helps to alleviate the rapid and active work of Apache Tear. It helps you to get rid of negativity in a way that you do not feel it. By helping to solve your inner problems so that you can analyze your problems and let them go from your soul.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Apache Tear is used to treat muscle spasms, with three crystals together with Rock Crystal. kept on the problematic region. (Crystals that are used for treatment are only used for healing purposes and not in other crystal sets). Apache Tear should definitely be a talisman for those who suffer from the following diseases - depression, anxiety disorders, deep stress, communication complexes, deep fears and different phobias, mental illness, alcoholism, food addiction, strong computer addiction, or aggressive behaviour. Apache Tear also helps to heal the sick and aggressive sexual fantasy.


Forgiving cheating and betrayal –
Combine Apache Tear with Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Fuchsite and Blue Topaz and keep those crystals on you and your partners photo. Place dried rose blossoms on crystals and keep the crystals there for as long as your relationship has improved. If on one good day both of you can move forward together, then, to give thanks, take the crystals and rose blossoms to nature.

"Emotional balancer” Apache Tear and Rhodonite

Prepare your crystal water from these crystals if you feel that you are emotionally under great pressure. The mutual power of those crystals helps to alleviate the internal tensions of the relationship, worrying about the family, pain, grief, loss, stress and even depression.

Prepare your crystal water to get the energies of these crystals. For this, place the tumbled crystals into a jug or glass with water and keep them there for 20 minutes before drinking the water, to allow crystals to transfer their energies into the water.

"Crystal set for protection of home"

Apache Tear is suitable for this set if you wish to keep yourself and your family from hardships. It is also a mourning crystal that helps to overcome grief. Apache Tear prevents depression and it is beneficial in those families with addiction problems. Apache Tear helps to protect against the development of addiction and their progression. Add this crystal to home protection crystal set. Read more about this set HERE.

"Freeing ritual during the last quarter of the Moon`s creation"

For this, take the Apache Tear crystal and black ritual & magic candle. Exactly on the last quarter of the Moons creation make a ritual of liberation which would help you get rid of one particular thing in your life. Place a candle at home with crystal next to it. Light the candle and at the same time make one wish. That wish must be related to something that you wish to let go of. For example, if you wish to let go of particular person, then think about it that you can do it. If you wish to let go of some bad habit, then focus on not wanting to continue this habit.

Now let the candle burn and leave the candle with the crystal in place. Every day until the candle is fully burnt make your wish whenever you light the candle. If one day the candle is fully burnt, then Apache Tear has taken your wish. Now take the Apache Tear to the river. Find a place where you can throw it in the river. While throwing it there, for the last time make your wish to be free from the same topic. Apache Tear releases within you the chains that have tied you with the topic.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from HERE.
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