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RAINBOW HEMATITE bracelet (pearl 8 mm)

RAINBOW HEMATITE bracelet (pearl 8 mm) JEWELLERY
RAINBOW HEMATITE bracelet (pearl 8 mm)
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  • Model: VIKERKAARE HEMATIIT käekett (pärl 8 mm)

RAINBOW HEMATITE is a crystal with a strong grounding effect, helping to get rid of tension, stress and worries. Ideal for people who tend to over worry and think. Suitable for grounding energies and balancing oneself.

Rainbow Hematite is a bracelet made of natural Hematite combined with Goethite. Goethite gives Hematite the rainbow hue. This makes the Hematite bracelet shiny and colour-changing when moved in the light. It is a real work of art created from a combination of minerals. Giving Hematite bracelet a stunningly beautiful look. Goethite is an iron-containing mineral.

Rainbow Hematite attracts negative energy both from its carrier and from the environment in which it exists. Making it a strong protective crystal and energy purifier. Due to this effect, this crystal should be cleansed from time to time to remove the negative energy accumulated in it.

It is a crystal that helps to improve mood and inject positivity. It makes this wearer's day happier and more balanced, helping to achieve an optimistic outlook on life.


Rainbow Hematite is a crystal of luck for those whose life path number is 9. This crystal increases this person's natural energy of luck, activating the growth of luck energy in the Aura Field and bringing a lot of inspiration to fulfill their dreams. Rainbow Hematite also protects against sadness, stress and negativity. Life path number 9 makes the wearer more spiritual and contributes to the understanding of one's purpose in life, opening the eyes exactly where they need to be opened. Helps to sense what needs to be learned from relationships and how to change oneself.

You can charge Rainbow Hematite on a Champagne Aura geode. Cleanse it at least once a month with Citronella incense or essential oil

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals HERE.

Size Bracelet ca 18 cm.
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