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GREEN GOLDSTONE bracelet nugget

GREEN GOLDSTONE bracelet nugget
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GREEN GOLDSTONE is a man-made crystal from copper, like Blue Goldstone and Goldriver is. But, this won’t make it into a crystal with low value, rather, on the contrary, it has very strong and powerful energetic abilities. Copper is a natural element and the crystal is not synthetic. Also, Rock Crystal has been used for making Green Goldstone and it could be said that it is simply an alloy of crystal and metal.

Green Goldstone is a crystal that can make your dreams come true. Every different Goldstone has this ability, but Green Goldstone is a crystal with material and worldly direction. When you wish for your material dream to come true, then Green Goldstone is the right crystal for you. Other Goldstone will also help to fulfil your dreams, like Goldriver and Blue Goldstone.

It’s really difficult to make Green Goldstone, that’s why it’s less widespread than Goldriver and Blue Goldstone. When you have a piece of jewellery of Green Goldstone or crystals then you’re truly lucky!

Green Goldstone has a very good quality many people don’t have. That’s why it’s good to wear or use Green Goldstone. This quality is to motivate to move forward in life. Green Goldstone encourages to take bold and fortunate risks. A crystal that directs your attention to what could bring luck in life, motivating you to act. When you feel like you’re afraid to take big steps in life, then allow this crystal to motivate you. 

WEARING GREEN GOLDSTONE ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

- A crystal that activates different prosperity crystals with the power of increasing money energy. For example, when you wear Malachite that activates money luck, then Green Goldstone improves its effect. When you want money luck from Green Goldstone then wear it with another material luck crystal.

- When you wear Green Goldstone as close to the Solar Plexus Chakra as possible then it helps to open the prosperity channel by this Chakra. Green Goldstone is associated with prosperity and materialism.

- Opening the prosperity channel brings a lot of opportunities to be successful and, in addition, brings success also to different things you do.

- Green Goldstone has the ability to make prosperous dreams true, for that, I strongly recommend keeping it on a Vanadinite Baryte geode when you’re not wearing it. For Vanadinite Baryte to amplify the work of this crystal and activate it to make dreams come true.

- Wearing Green Goldstone helps with learning, increasing factual memory and getting good results.

- When you wear a Green Goldstone with you then I recommend you to think about things you don’t want into your life. Take this crystal to your hands for a moment and think about everything you want to lead out of your life. Think about it like it's not existing in your life anymore, although it’s still there. For example, when you want to be healthy, but you’re not, then make a wish like this: "I’m completely healthy, I don’t have this problem!" or when you want to solve a relationship problem then do the following: "Our relationship is completely fine, we’re not fighting!". It will work when you’ll say it like this.

- Green Goldstone protects the person wearing it from other people affecting him. When you have problems with being easily affected and manipulated then this crystal is for you.


To get a quick healing effect, wear this crystal as a piece of jewellery or massage with a 
massage crystal. In addition you can place the crystal to the East quarter of your home where the healing corner of the home is - East symbolises health. 

Because Green Goldstone contains metals you can’t use this crystal for water-elixir. 

- Green Goldstone helps to heal the body from different pains. Suitable to be worn when your body has an unknown pain. In addition, you can wear it after a trauma or for pain that has come up after some problem.

- Heals the nervous system, it’s especially useful for healing nerves in the hands. For that, wear the talisman around the neck or as a piece of jewellery on your hand. 


Green Goldstone is especially good for healing the Heart Chakra also because copper makes it into a quick healer. This helps to let go of the person you don’t want to be in your life anymore. For example, it helps to forget the pain someone you once loved caused you. Helps to go forward with life so you wouldn’t carry your past love to a new relationship.


Green Goldstone affects all the zodiac signs equally.

You can charge Green Goldstone on a  Vanadinite Baryte geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Patchouli incense/essential oil

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from 

Size Bracelet size ca 18-19 cm.
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