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SILICON bracelet (pearl 8 mm)

SILICON bracelet (pearl 8 mm)
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  • Model: RÄNI käekett (pärl 8 mm)

SILICON has a very inviting appearance and magnetic effect. It increases vitality, and its energy includes the ability to make other energies move, work, and interconnect. Silicon is compatible with all other crystals. Just as Rock Crystal can amplify the work of other crystals, Silicon can bind energies together and create an ever-lasting movement of energies. Silicon as a tumbled crystal or sphere is ideal for all different crystal sets. This helps other crystals to live and prolong their energetic life. Wear Silicon as a piece of jewellery, either alone or with another crystal, to make the energies work perfectly in yourself.

You will be attracted to Silicon when you are at a stage in life where you need to move on and increase your life energy. It is a useful crystal for everyone, but it attracts you to it when you need to make big life changes.

Silicon is abundant on our planet and is usually associated with other crystals or minerals. Crystals often grow on Silicon. Silicon has a very beautiful appearance, especially when it is tumbled. It resembles titanium in colour and silver in appearance. Silicon has powerful energy and is therefore very abundant, it has mystical properties that support the work of other crystals and can help transform your own energy.

Wearing SILICONE on the arm (can be worn on both arms):

- Silicon makes you energetic, active, mentally strong and a great enjoyer of life!

- Silicon enriches your brain activity by activating the Third Eye Chakra with its power and strength. Silicon activates your sixth Chakra so that you can focus, learn, develop, enhance your mental abilities, and improve your work or study results.

- It's a crystal of vitality, perfect for you at a time when you need a real energy injection. Silicon accelerates the growth of your energies, improving your overall well-being and satisfaction. For example, Silicon is suitable for keeping in the home environment, thus improving family relationships and promoting the lives of family members. It is a crystal that makes everything positively more energetic, it does not create nervous energy that is difficult to deal with.

- Silicon primarily protects the brain, brain activity and mental body from electromagnetic radiation. Wear Silicon crystal if you want to protect your mental body from stress, depression and anxiety.

- A crystal that increases your ability to see the good in life, lessons in situations, and move forward quickly with life when a problem comes to light. Silicon makes you act, doesn't let you stop and be sad. It is a great stress reliever and energy healer.

- Silicon teaches you to obey your intuition. It helps to improve your intuition listening skills and make you more spiritual.

- Wear it when you use a pendulum or look to the future with runes to help predict.

- A crystal that helps discover false and cunning people in your life and protect you from them. Silicon is a strong protective crystal, it blocks people who want to harm you, spy on you and are insincere. If you are disturbed by this behaviour and there is someone in your life who is working hard to get involved in your affairs, I recommend that you wear a Silicon Crystal for a longer period of time.

- Silicon helps prevent conflicts that have no educational or forward-looking content. This will help reduce situations in your life where there are quarrels, fights and drama that are meaningless. Conflicts are useful when they contain truth and words of instruction. 

- Silicon blocks exploitation, even in a material sense. Wear it to protect yourself and your property.

- Wear Silicon to improve your relationship with people, improve relationships and increase contact with people who truly value you. This will protect you from relationships that are toxic to you. Silicon helps to deal with toxic people. If you are in contact with someone who is constantly trying to put you down, humiliate or criticize you, wear Silicon with you. It protects bad people and words, chiding and curses.

- A luck crystal that helps fulfil your wishes by speeding up all processes. Wear it when you really want luck and prosperity in your life.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Silicon is a crystal from which a water elixir is not made.

- Silicon has an excellent and unique quality that cannot be easily obtained from other crystals (Chiastolite and Hypersthene have a similar effect). It is a remover of curses or remover of chiding, as well as the remover of words and the cursing power that causes health problems: infertility, death at a young age, and mental problems. With a curse, it is possible to impose bad luck on another person, which is related to a person's health. What makes Silicon unique is the fact that it can remove such energy. Chiastolite and Hypersthene can prevent this. You can also wear crystals together if you suspect such unfair practices by someone else.

- Silicon helps get rid of headaches and migraines. If this topic is too familiar to you, I recommend keeping Silicon under a pillow and wearing it as jewellery. Silicon helps relieve the stress that is the cause of headaches. Silicon heals the Third Eye, which is associated with headaches and migraines.


Silicon has the most powerful effect on bringing out the positive qualities of zodiac signs that have been born as ARIES or CANCER I recommend these Zodiac signs to wear and keep Silicon in their lives and also to add them to the box of birth crystals. Silicon helps to bring monetary luck, prosperity, luxury and positivity to these suns signs by helping to bring out their good qualities and heal their weaknesses and dominant sides.

Silicon can be charged on Muscovite geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Mugwort or Tuberose incense.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals HERE.

Info Bracelet ca 18 cm.
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