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Heart talismans are either heart shapes with a hole or heart pendants. These are heart-shaped jewelleries made from crystals. If the crystal is given a particular shape, then this symbol adds value to the crystal and inversely, the crystal gives the symbol an added value. The combination of heart symbols and crystals together create one powerful item.

The heart talismans carry all the qualities of respective crystal that the talisman is made from and in addition the energy accompanying the heart symbol.

Heart symbolizes love, passion, well-being, romance, friendship, loyalty, unconditional love, emotionality, emotional healing, unity, trust and the energy of the Heart Chakra.

If you are wearing a heart-shaped talisman, then first of all the talisman will begin to heal your Heart Chakra and transfer the crystal`s energy into the fourth Chakra, helping the crystal`s power to reach the soul and make the wearer`s emotional state better.

Each crystal has a unique power. To find the right talisman for yourself, your child or as a gift for someone close to you, find the right crystal that would give you the desired result.

Heart talismans are very useful for both, adults and children!

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