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Pendants or crystal talismans are beautiful jewellery which have an enchanting look but also have a very high energetics impact on human soul. Crystal pendants each carry a very special and unique energy. Each crystal has its own unique power which is activated in your soul when you carry it with you.

It is important to know that when wearing pendants, they mostly affect heart and throat chakras. Pendants can also be worn over the Solar Plexus Chakra. It depends on how short or long the chain/strap of the pendant is. If you want the crystal pendant to work with your emotional side then wear the pendant directly over your heart – Heart Chakra. If you want the crystal to help you to strengthen your intuition, contacting Angels or to change your mindset, then wear the pendant against your throat – over Throat Chakra. If you wish to become more positive, open yourself to abundance and more enduring, then wear the pendant below your heart – over the Solar Plexus Chakra. Discover what the crystal can offer you and wear it over the Chakra which is related to the power of that crystal.

Pendants or crystal talismans are powerful objects that will work very quickly with you. I advise wearing the crystals meant for protection in contact with skin or even under the clothes so that they could work better. Different pendants can be combined and worn together.

Let the crystals make your life more powerful, positive and bring you the desired results!

Our silver pendants are all made using the silver with a 925 coding.

Silver oxidizes, meaning it fades over time, in that case it should be cleaned from time to time to highlight its beautiful glossy color again. For more information on silver based energy attributes, read HERE.

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