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La Tene bracelet "SATISFIED WITH LIFE"

La Tene bracelet "SATISFIED WITH LIFE"
La Tene bracelet "SATISFIED WITH LIFE"
La Tene bracelet "SATISFIED WITH LIFE"
La Tene bracelet "SATISFIED WITH LIFE"
La Tene bracelet "SATISFIED WITH LIFE"
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La Tene bracelet "SATISFIED WITH LIFE" is for you if you want to make the most of life, be happy and feel real joy in life. This bracelet is assembled only from natural semi-precious gemstones, which makes this piece of jewellery valuable. This bracelet has Moonstone and Amethyst pearls. This piece of jewellery is decorated with gilded 925 silver pearls. The bracelet is assembled with a special rubber bracelet, which makes it very comfortable to wear. 

Wear this piece of jewellery if you want to live in the moment, see the beauty and charm in everything around you. It will make your view on life beautiful and positive. The combination of these crystals awakens in you the ability to be satisfied with life. 

Moonstone relieves emotional tension, stress, over worrying, work stress, love stress and anxiety. Moonstone is a soul healer by nature, and by wearing this crystal, you will find the anxious emotion that exists within you. Moonstone filters out this emotion, helps you understand why it exists and what is the secret to getting rid of it. Above all, Moonstone will help you get rid of what makes you anxious.

Amethyst heals the soul so that something beautiful and valuable can reach the soul. Amethyst does the preliminary work for the most positive thing you want to have in your life. It is always useful to wear an amethyst so that your own Aura is ready to receive happiness.

You can charge the bracelet on an Amethyst geode or beside it when you’re not wearing itCleanse it at least once a month with a  Nag Champa incense smoke. 

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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