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La Tene bracelets are Tene`s own combination and each bracelet holds a magical power. The combination of crystals and their right order make the bracelets very special. Crystals have many positive features, but if they are combined with other crystals, they will reveal their specific features for the transformation of the ethereal body. We recommend charging La Tene bracelets on the window sill under the Moonlight on the Moonstone, Selenite and Black Obsidian to maintain their energy.
La Tene bracelet "SELF-DEFENCEE" is a magical tool created for protection from external threats. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. "SELF-DEFENCE" is made of natural gemstones Onyx, Gold Obsidian and Pyrite. Onyx in th..
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La Tene bracelet "SELF-EXPRESSION"
-20 %
La Tene bracelet "SELF-EXPRESSION" is created just for you when you feel like you would like to express yourself romantically and when you wish to get along better with your family members. There are natural semi-precious stones in this bracelet, as are in all La Tene`s boutique jewellerie..
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SMOKY QUARTZ is one type of Quartz or Rock Crystal, with a characteristic smoky tone. The main colour of the Smoky Quartz is a brownish-grey shade, which may also be transparent in this crystal. Smoky Quartz can be transparent but also very dark. Smoky Quartz is highly rated for energ..
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La Tene bracelet "SMOKY QUARTZ, AGATE and HEMATITE" is designed with Smoky Quartz, Agate and Hematite. The combined energy of these three crystals creates a strong protection for the Aura Field, thus helping to get rid of stress energy, which in turn begins to strengthen the natur..
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La Tene bracelet "SPIRIT HEALER" is created from three different crystals and 925 silver pearls. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. This bracelet has one unique Crazy Agate crystal, Rainbow Moonstone pearls and..
19.76€ 20.80€
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La Tene bracelet "SPIRITUAL FREEDOM" is for you, if you want to free yourself from the influence of other people, you want to be free from their criticism, words and direction. The crystals in this piece of jewellery will help you to become spiritually independent. Decide for yourself what you wish ..
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La Tene bracelet "SPIRITUAL JOURNEY" is made with natural gemstones. This jewellery has beautiful light purple crystals that radiate spirituality and enlightenment. By wearing this piece of jewellery, you become intuitive, seeing visions becomes open, the gut feeling becomes stronger and more r..
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Last pieces, limited sizes.La Tene bracelet "SUCCESS AND LUCK" has been created for you to wear a crystal power object to attract luck into your life in many different levels. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. It’s a luck..
20.61€ 21.70€
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La Tene bracelet "SUCCESS CREATOR" consists only of natural crystals and this bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The “Success creator” bracelet will help ensure success and happiness in your life in every different endeavour. You ..
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La Tene bracelet "SUCCESSFUL IDEAS"
-30 %
La Tene bracelet "SUCCESSFUL IDEAS" is designed with two different crystal pearls. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. "Successful ideas" is made with wonderful and creative Ocean Jasper and prosperous Dendritic Agate. ..
18.48€ 26.40€
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La Tene bracelet "SUNSTONE"
-15 %
La Tene bracelet "SUNSTONE" is made of natural crystals. This piece of jewellery contains two different shaped high-quality Sunstones, with a very beautiful and shiny colour. Sunstones are adorned with 925 silver pearls. Bracelet is made with a special rubber jewellery brand that make..
29.15€ 34.30€
Ex Tax:24.30€
 La Tene bracelet "TALENT" is designed with beautiful Picture Jasper, Mother of Pearl, coloured Hematite, Yellow Quartz and Snow Quartz. This bracelet is assembled only from natural semi-precious stones and a special bracelet rubber band, which makes it v..
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