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Roll-on essential oils are La Tene oils that are easy to use and carry with you in your daily routine. It is a mixture of oils that not only heal the body physically, mentally, spiritually as well as emotionally but also moisturize the skin. La Tene roll-on blends are all 100% natural oils. Body-friendly and vegan products. Roll-on Series is primarily for everyday use and gives you the opportunity to heal yourself with essential and base oils at any time. Comfortable to use at work, in a workout, travelling and at home. Roll-on oils are very comfortable to apply to the body. A mixture of oils are balanced and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Roll-on is compact and can be used immediately. If essential oils are to be mixed with carrier oils, in this La Tene series we have done the work for you. You just open the cap, apply the oil to your skin and enjoy the healing of the oils. Roll-on oils can be applied to the whole body, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

La Tene roll-on range is an alternative oil to your daily perfume selection. These are natural and body-friendly oils whose fragrance can be used to replace perfume. Toxic synthetic fragrances damage human health, but with a blend of natural oils, you can smell like a flower every day without harming your health. When using as a perfume, apply roll-on oils to the neck, décolleté and hands.

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