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La Tene essential oils and carrier oils are the best healers for your body and soul. These oils work well both together and separately. All essential oils have very special, intense and mind-opening aromas, carrier oils are more neutral and milder. Essential oils and carrier oils are used for different purposes, I have added a thorough description to each of the oils and included many tips on how to use them. Dive into the world of oils and find solutions for different problems. Essential oils should not be applied to the skin without a carrier oil and that's why combining and using these two together is necessary.
THYME belongs to the mint family. First, you might not classify them as one family because the appearance and smell of thyme are not similar to them, but it is still a relative of Mint. Thyme is named after the Greek word thymos, which refers to the fight for injustice. Its na..
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VETIVER  essential oil is obtained from the vetiver plant, which resembles a bush, and this plant usually grows to a height of one and a half meters or even more. Vetiver belongs to the grass family, as does lemongrass. Vetiver has a rather strong, special, unique and powerful aroma. It is..
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WHITE CAMPHOR essential oil offers many opportunities to heal with it. This essential oil comes from the Campri tree, which is originally from Japan. Today, it is also grown elsewhere, such as in Sri Lanka and many other Asian countries such as India and China. La Tene White Camphor essential o..
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WILD MINT belongs to the mint family and its aroma is reminiscent of both peppermint and mint. It has an extremely pleasant smell and there is definitely a place for it in aromatherapy. The wild mint essential oil contains almost 80% menthol, which makes it a very good alternative cold medicine. In ..
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WINTERGREEN comes from North-America, it has beautiful red berries and it resembles a cranberry plant. It is possible to obtain essential oil from the Wintergreen plant, which has a healing effect. This oil helps to heal quickly, but as it has a very strong effect, it must always be handl..
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YLANG YLANG essential oil comes from the leaves of a tree of the same name. Ylang Ylang is a large-scale oriental tree, whose flowers smell wonderful, and the essential oil of the flower leaves, which gives this plant its aroma, is in this essential oil bottle. Translated into Estonian, the name Yla..
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