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La Tene crystal set "AQUARIUS"

La Tene crystal set "AQUARIUS"
La Tene crystal set "AQUARIUS"
La Tene crystal set "AQUARIUS"
La Tene crystal set "AQUARIUS"
La Tene crystal set "AQUARIUS"
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La Tene crystal set "AQUARIUS" is created only from natural semi-precious stones. This set contains luck crystals for Aquarius. The set includes three of this sign's luck crystals: Ruby-Zoisite, Fuchsite and Amethyst. The purpose of crystals is to bring luck to Aquarius on many different levels. These include the energies that support love, cash flow, self-satisfaction, and one's journey.

Ruby-Zoisite is a crystal of love luck for Aquarius. It enhances his romantic side, helps foster relationships between her family members and friends. It brings new love to the single Aquarius and relationship luck to the Aquarius in the relationship. For an Aquarius who is still a child, this crystal brings another good deal.

Fuchsite is a crystal of prosperity, wealth and monetary luck. It increases the worldly luck of Aquarius. Helping a working Aquarius to be successful, an Aquarius looking for a job to find a good and suitable job. It provides the child with motivation and will to act.

Amethyst has a stress-relieving effect, helping to make Aquarius stable and content. It promotes spiritual development, strengthens intuition and improves health.

Cleanse occasionally with Lavender or Patchouli incense. The set can be carried with you, kept at home or in the birth crystal box.

You can read about cleaning and charging the crystals HERE.

Read the full Aquarius article HERE. It lists everything about the nature of Aquarius and the crystals that bring them luck.
Size The crystals in this crystal set are in the average sizes.
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