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La Tene crystal set "WALLET LUCK CRYSTALS"

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La Tene crystal set "WALLET LUCK CRYSTALS"
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La Tene crystal set "WALLET LUCK CRYSTALS" is designed to be kept in your wallet so that they can bring luck to your life. Wallet luck crystals include Picture Jasper, Dendritic Agate and Emerald Quartz. All three crystals are involved in activating, growing, attracting, and increasing monetary happiness. Crystals help protect your luck and make it bigger. The set is put inside a small bag, you can put it with the crystals between the wallets or take the crystals out of the bag and put them in a pocket inside the wallet, for example.

This set contains small crystals that are flat in shape. They are well suited for being kept in a wallet, fitting nicely in it. The crystals do not need to be cleansed or charged beforehand, you can immediately put them in your wallet. This is a set that is also good to give to someone you wish money luck.

Wallet luck crystals work best when there are banknotes or coins in the wallet. Always keep money in your wallet when those crystals are there. Money energy makes crystals work faster. 

Picture Jasper increases the personal luck associated with your job or business. Helping to grow money through work.

Dendritic Agate increases your good fortune by helping to increase your financial capacity.

Emerald Quartz is a universal crystal of prosperity that helps to block financial misfortune and increase personal prosperity.

From time to time, take the crystals out of the wallet and cleanse them with Cinnamon incense. Cinnamon has an energy-boosting effect on money happiness, with it you can revive the energy of crystals. Simply place the set next to the smoking incense and let it stay there until the incense goes out.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals HERE.

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