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Candle holder is a convenient option to burn candles. Crystal candle holders have a very versatile use, giving you the extra power of the candle and the energy of the crystal. Each of the crystal candle holders has its own special effect, depending on which crystal the candle holder is made of.

The candle enhances the energy of the crystal and helps to convey the healing power of this crystal. Crystal candle holders are used to heal energy in home and to enhance specific energies. I definitely suggest you to read about the power of each crystal when you use them as candle holders. Candle holders can also be used in office rooms.

It is recommended to burn a white candle inside the crystal candle holders. Light the candle before inserting the candle in the candle holder. Certainly, the candle should not be lighted when the candle is already inside the candle holder. In this case, you might accidentally spoil the candle holder with the flame of the matches.

Crystal candle holders do not need to be cleaned specifically for energy if from time to time you burn near them Sage, Palo Santo or other various incenses.

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