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GREEN AVENTURINE is one type of Aventurine while Aventurine itself is a Quartz, which, in turn, has a large number of minerals Aventurine is composed of. Green Aventurine is mainly related to prosperity, materiality and good luck. Green Aventurine is mainly found in BrazilIndiaItaly and China. Green Aventurine is an “energy magnet” which means it swallows energies very quickly, it absorbs and brings about prosperity.

Green Aventurine belongs to the Quartz family as it has a lot of Quartz in it. In addition to Quartz, Green Aventurine has Fuchsite and this crystal gives Green Aventurine its green colour and a little sparkle. Not all Green Aventurines have sparkle in them, but they may have. But Fuchsite part in Green Aventurine makes its colour bright. I have noticed that Green Aventurine is often mistaken with Jade because of its looks, but both crystals have a different chemical composition and also spiritual value. 

Green Aventurine is a crystal that creates emotional balance, and is a crystal with spiritual and prosperous qualities. Green Aventurine relieves the problems on the Heart Chakra and is useful for love. Green Aventurine is the accelerator of creativity and the amplifier of prosperity energy. Green Aventurine is a very useful crystal for a key chain to attract prosperity energy to the house through that. Besides the prosperity energy Green Aventurine helps to relieve emotional tension, which as a key chain it helps to relieve tensions like that in the family.

When you make keychains from crystals and add them to different keys, then they will start to give energy to that item/home whose key it is the beautiful crystal is protecting. So the same crystal works in different ways when it is attached to different keys.

Crystal keychains are fragile, therefore you have to handle them with caution, so that they won´t break. As they are natural crystal, they have fragile texture.


- Green Aventurine is one of the strongest abundance crystals that helps to bring material luck into your home through work by being kept on the keys of the house. Green Aventurine brings work, successful career and work related opportunities. Affects the whole family.

- A very useful keychain for increasing the love inside the family. Green Aventurine directs the family members to get along with each other. Helping to strengthen the emotional connection.

- As a prosperity and material crystal Green Aventurine helps to increase your cash flow - that is, to increase your income. Helping to bring you financial luck!


- Green Aventurine helps to sell the car. Therefore it could be kept on the car keys when there is the wish to sell it to someone.

Keychain should be cleaned once a month with Sage smoke and not with incense but ritual plant, so that it could clean all of the energy gathered in the keychain. You can find Sage ritual plant from HERE.

If you have a place in your home, where you keep your keys, then there could also be a Citrine geode. This for keeping the key on it when the keychain is made of Green Aventurine. Citrine helps to accelerate and revitalize the energy of Green Aventurine.

Size Keychain size is ca 3,5*1,5*1,5 cm
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