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PICTURE JASPER bear keychain

PICTURE JASPER bear keychain
PICTURE JASPER bear keychain
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PICTURE JASPER is a variegated crystal, the main shades of which are beige and brown. Picture Jasper often resembles a landscape and sand dunes. This crystal has a long history as a protective crystal and has been used for a long time to protect it from destructive weather conditions. Picture Jasper was carried at sea so that the storm would not break the man and when travelling in the rainforests to protect from insidious nature.

Picture Jasper is a crystal with an extremely calm energy wave that can be used to relieve tension or other energy. It has a very long history in mysticism and has been used as a magical item in ancient Egypt. Picture Jasper was worn from childhood to protect from evil spirits.

When you make keychains from crystals and add them to different keys, they start to give energy to that object/home. Thus, the same crystal works in different ways when it is attached to different keys.

Bear symbolises peace, courage, physical protection, self-confidence, courageous perseverance, a stable attitude to life, self-help and healing. The bear symbol helps to protect its wearer from misfortune or exploitation.

Keychains made of crystals are fragile, so they must be handled carefully so that they do not break. As these are natural crystals, their texture is relatively fragile.

Bear keychain is very suitable for a child or adolescent. Carrying a Picture Jasper bear keychain helps encourage creativity.


- Picture Jasper is an inspiring and giving crystal. Keeping it on your home or office keys, for example, will help inspire you to make these places even more enjoyable and better by giving you ideas on what to do with your home and how to improve its energy.

- Picture Jasper is strongly associated with increasing business luck and creating success for independent work. If you are an entrepreneur, this crystal will bring economic prosperity through your business. If you work from home or offer a service as a self-employed person, for example, it will also bring economic prosperity to your life.

- A useful home talisman that helps to give home energy pleasant energy that helps to make a home from home. Picture Jasper directs very joyful energies home and thanks to that it is always good to be in this home.

- Picture Jasper keychain is suitable as a home key for a child who likes to draw, sing or do other creative activities. It awakens in the child even more courage to open and develop one's creativity.

- Hold Picture Jasper on your home keys to bring good business luck to your home. This power object is especially useful for those who have their own family business.


- Suitable for those who travel constantly from one destination to another after work and who have a lot of business trips. Picture Jasper brings good luck to business topics.

Keychains could be cleaned once a month with sage smoke and not with incense, but with a ritual plant so that it can clean up all the energy that has accumulated inside the keychain. You can find the sage ritual plant HERE.

If there is a place in the home where the keys are kept, there could also be a Citrine geode. This is to keep the key on it when its keychain is from Picture Jasper. Citrine helps to amplify and revive the energy of the Picture Jasper.

Size Crystal ca 4*3*1 cm
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