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Spheres are round magical tools made of natural semi-precious stones or metals. All La Tene crystals are natural and therefore, in addition to their beautiful appearance, they also have healing spiritual energies. Just as crystals have their own power and strength, so do metals.

Crystal spheres carry all the energies of the crystal they are made of, and, in addition, they have the symbol of infinity. Sphere symbolises the eternal movement of energies, which means that their spiritual energy qualities won’t go away very quickly, therefore they need to be cleaned less. 

Crystals could be used as wishing crystals as they collect thoughts and feelings. When you’ve brought a crystal sphere into your life, give it a purpose for existing.

They are natural semiprecious gemstones, therefore all the crystal objects look unique, have a visual personality and are all different. The product on the picture may not look like the one you’ll get from us. Uniqueness makes crystals individual and it gives you the opportunity to become part of the unique nature.

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