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BASIL originally comes from India and its local name is tulsi. Basil has its own pet name, which is the queen of herbs. This is, of course, based on its delicious taste and healing properties. Basil essential oil has mind cleansing and thought to clear effect. ..
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BERGAMOT essential oil is extracted from the peel of its fruit. Bergamot belongs to the citrus family and is, therefore, a relative of lime, orange, lemon and other known citrus fruits. It is a tropical fruit that grows in Europe. Bergamot has been used for hundreds of years for medical and beauty p..
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BLACK PEPPER is one of the most well-known and widely used spice in the world, used for seasoning various dishes. In addition, Black Pepper is also known for its healing properties, which are mainly derived from the essential oil that Black Pepper contains. La Tene essential..
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CARROT essential oil is one of the best skin healers and this is one of the main reasons to have Carrot in your essential oil collection. A very useful alternative healer.It is an essential oil that does not have the typical attractive and sweet smell like most essential oils. The carrot essent..
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CEDARWOOD is very well known to many for its pleasant aroma and healing properties. It is possible to obtain essential oil from cedarwood, which hides all the healing properties of the cedar tree. Cedarwood has needle-shaped thorns, which are used to make this miracle drug by evaporation. Cedar..
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CINNAMON essential oil charms with its aroma. It reminds of winter, a cosy and warm evening at home and holidays. Well, we all have our memories that come forward with this aroma. Cinnamon has a very nice sweet smell and you can make your home smell wonderful with this essential oi..
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CITRONELLA is an important plant in Chinese and Indonesian traditional medicine and can treat a wide range of diseases. Citronella has a very refreshing aroma, which makes it very pleasant to use. You can use the essential oil in aromatherapy, body care or because of its spiritual properties. Citron..
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CLARY SAGE is part of the genus Sage which essential oil has healing properties. Sage itself is undoubtedly one of my favourites and has been for a long time. I have not left sage behind for one very important reason -- it is simply a super plant. Sage is a universal spiritual healer and c..
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CLOVE essential oil comes from clove flowers that grow on the clove tree or Syzgium aromaticum. It is an Asian plant that today grows in various parts of the world. Clove essential oil is spicy and suitable for those who love Cinnamon, Black Pepper or Bergamot essential oils. ..
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CYPRESS essential oil is obtained from the Cupressus sempervirens tree and its branches. It is an evergreen tree that contains valuable and healing essential oil. Cypress is an excellent alternative medicine for colds, fungi and bacterial diseases. Anyone who likes Pine e..
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ENERGY roll-on the mixture of essential oils consists of 100% essential oils and a base oil which is wheat germ oil. This blend contains Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Jasmine essential oils packaged in a roll-on bottle.Roll-on essential oils are La..
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