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LIME is citrus, known for its good taste, aroma and healing properties. Lime is extremely useful both as a fruit and as an essential oil. The lime essential oil has an extremely refreshing aroma, when you breathe in the aroma it alerts your senses more. Very popula..
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LOVER roll-on mix of essential oils consists of 100% from essential oils and carrier oils, which is wheat-germ oil. This mixture consists of Rose, Lavender and Vetiver essential oils, packaged into roll-on bottles. Roll-on essential oils are La Tene oils&nb..
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Essential oils are very good tools for accelerating physical healing and spiritual growth. No matter what type of essential oil you are using, it has magic hidden inside. Likewise, such magic is in the mandarin essential oil. MANDARIN essential oil is probably one of the sweetest essential oils..
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MAY CHANG s an exotic essential oil originated in China and South Asia. This plant produces pepper-like fruits that are full of this powerful essential oil. May Chang essential oil is yellow in colour and has a very light and liquid consistency. This means that as the temperature fluc..
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MINT or Mentha spicata is a relative of peppermint, looks similar, but has a slightly different aroma. Mint has a fresher and sweeter smell than peppermint, that’s strong and potent. Both mint and peppermint are useful plants and their essential oils have healing properties. ..
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NIAOULI is a bush-like tree with beautiful white and light green blossoms. Niaouli comes from  North-Australia and New-Guinea, and this is also where La Tene essential oil comes from. Niaouli is an easily grown plant that tends to take over other plant’s habitat. This is why prod..
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NUTMEG essential oil is derived from nutmeg seeds. The seeds are dried and essential oil of healing value is evaporated from them. Nutmeg comes from the East, growing freely in Indonesia, on the island of Java, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Nutmeg is a valuable spice and essential oil in your kitchen,..
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ORANGE is a fruit with a beautiful appearance and delicious pulp that belongs to the citrus family. Orange is one of the most popular fruits in the world that people love. There are energies that are useful and necessary for all of us. This may also be the reason why orange is such a well-known..
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OREGANO is a flowering plant in the mint family. Oregano is a well-known herb used in cuisine. As a herb, Oregano is best known in the Mediterranean cuisine. It’s very flavourful, but in addition to its deliciousness, it also has very healthy abilities. The essential oil in this herb is what gi..
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PALMAROSA belongs to the Graminea plant family, it is a grass. For example, it includes Lemon Grass, which has a much more intense aroma than Palmarosa. The aroma of Palmarosa essential oil is much reminiscent of Pink Geranium, in fact, these are two different herbs and essenti..
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Patchouli is a wonderful plant with its special power and aroma. Patchouli is part of the mint family and is useful for every spiritual person, who wants to heal himself through plants, to keep his energy at home healthy and keep crystals elated. Patchouli is a plant with green le..
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PEPPERMINT is a plant that can be used in love rituals and magic. In Peppermint, there is a power that can improve, heal, enhance, and move the energy of love. Peppermint invites love to the life of a person who uses it in one way or another. Peppermint helps to grow love energies at diffe..
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