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PINE may not be exactly that from which you assume one can get essential oil from, but you can get it from pine needles and it is a very healing essential oil. Pine essential oil is very refreshing from its aroma, who like such aromas, then this oil is perfect for adding to essential oils colle..
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PINK GERANIUM essential oil is widely used in the cosmetics industry because of its very good and sweet aroma. In addition, it is also used for its healing properties, because Pink Geranium has a lot of nutrients for the skin. It is a very beautiful plant with beautiful and fragrant f..
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ROSEMARY is a plant with several palettes and several different good qualities. Rosemary is used as a home alternative treatment for healing various problems. Rosemary is a very useful plant and I would definitely recommend adding it to your daily routine, getting to know this plant and practic..
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ROSEWOOD is a very valuable tree found in Brazilian rainforests, India, Australia and Thailand. Its wood is red and it's entirely fragrant. Rosewood looks different in different countries. Using Rosewood for furniture making or for other purposes is extremely damaging and endangerin..
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SAGE is one of my undisputed favourites and has been around since the beginning. I have not left a sage plant for one very important reason, because it is just a super plant. Sage is a universal spiritual healer and purifier. A plant that helps you to lose any kind of negative and harmful energy. In..
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SANDALWOOD essential oil is steamed out from Sandalwood wood.           The essential oil of La Tene Sandalwood is derived from the local West-Indian Sandalwood or Balsam Torchwood, which differs from ordinary Sandalwood. West-Indian Sandalwood ..
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TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL is a very good tool for keeping your home clean and healthy, and for healing your body. The tea tree essential oil comes from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia originally from Queensland, Australia. This plant is called a tea tree and it i..
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THYME belongs to the mint family. First, you might not classify them as one family because the appearance and smell of thyme are not similar to them, but it is still a relative of Mint. Thyme is named after the Greek word thymos, which refers to the fight for injustice. Its na..
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VETIVER  essential oil is obtained from the vetiver plant, which resembles a bush, and this plant usually grows to a height of one and a half meters or even more. Vetiver belongs to the grass family, as does lemongrass. Vetiver has a rather strong, special, unique and powerful aroma. It is..
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WHITE CAMPHOR essential oil offers many opportunities to heal with it. This essential oil comes from the Campri tree, which is originally from Japan. Today, it is also grown elsewhere, such as in Sri Lanka and many other Asian countries such as India and China. La Tene White Camphor essential o..
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WILD MINT belongs to the mint family and its aroma is reminiscent of both peppermint and mint. It has an extremely pleasant smell and there is definitely a place for it in aromatherapy. The wild mint essential oil contains almost 80% menthol, which makes it a very good alternative cold medicine. In ..
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WINTERGREEN comes from North-America, it has beautiful red berries and it resembles a cranberry plant. It is possible to obtain essential oil from the Wintergreen plant, which has a healing effect. This oil helps to heal quickly, but as it has a very strong effect, it must always be handl..
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