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La Tene zodiac bracelet AQUARIUS "AURA PROTECTION" is designed with three crystals. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. Mookaite is the crystal for Aquarius taking account of his nature and is also one of his zodiac cry..
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La Tene zodiac sign bracelet ARIES& CAPRICORN "LOVE FINDER" is meant to ensure luck in love for two different zodiac signs. This bracelet is designed with crystals for both of these signs that work super fast in their Auras. This bracelet is created with ..
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La Tene bracelet ARIES "PROSPERITY" is made for ARIES zodiac sign. There are natural semi-precious stones in this bracelet, as are in all La Tene`s boutique jewelleries. This piece of jewellery is mostly made of Kondor Agate, which for Aries is a crystal of abundance, success and happ..
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La Tene bracelet CAPRICORN "BALANCE"
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La Tene zodiac bracelet CAPRICORN "BALANCE" I have created for people born under the Capricorn zodiac sign. In this jewellery there is the Capricorn´s lucky crystal Picture Jasper and one of the best balancers White Howlite. These two beautiful crystals are even mo..
16.66€ 23.80€
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La Tene constellation bracelet CAPRICORN "HAPPINESS BRINGER" has been created for Capricorn’s constellation. In this bracelet there is a lucky crystal for Capricorn, which is Picture Jasper. This bracelet contains mostly Picture Jasper. In addition to Picture Jasper, there is one l..
10.43€ 13.90€
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La Tene bracelet for girls "CARING"
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La Tene bracelet for girls"CARING" is created for girls. This magical bracelet has three different crystals that together create a joint power that will help girls to feel more care in life and to share it. This power object has Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Hematite.This j..
8.18€ 10.90€
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La Tene bracelet for girls "ROSE QUARTZ"
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Last pieces, limited sizes.La Tene bracelet for girls "ROSE QUARTZ" is made with different shaped Rose Quartz crystals and 925 silver pearls. Jewellery only has natural gemstones like all jewellery at La Tene. Bracelet is made with a natural bracelet rubber band which m..
11.97€ 13.30€
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La Tene bracelet for men "BLOODSTONE" is designed specially for men. All La Tene jewellery are made from natural gemstones, which means that, besides looking beautiful, they also have energetic power. The Bloodstone bracelet is made with a special bracelet rubber, which makes wearing it ve..
32.58€ 34.30€
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La Tene bracelet for men "GARNET" is made especially for men. This bracelet is created from only natural Garnet crystals, like all other of our pieces. A bracelet for a man is made of a special jewellery rubber band that makes wearing it very comfortable. Garnet is a very useful ..
23.75€ 25.00€
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La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS"
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La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS" is created with two crystals - Bronzite and Onyx. The bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear. Bracelet is made with crystal´s with male energy suitable for a man´s Aura field. ..
22.68€ 25.20€
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These are pieces and therefore the sizes are limited.La Tene bracelet for men "SARDONYX" is created from only natural Sardonyx crystals, like all other of our pieces. Sardonyx carries a very masculine energy and when a man carries this crystal with him, then he will get more powe..
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