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LEMON CHRYSOPRASE is a crystal with a very beautiful appearance, characterized by a slight yellow-green tint. Lines and sometimes patches, which may be dark brown, run through Lemon Chrysoprase. Lemon Chrysoprase consists mainly of Magnesite and is a highly valued crystal due to its positive properties. Lemon Chrysoprase is found in West-Australia.

The main ability of Lemon Chrysoprase and also the first energy it will release to you is its loving power. Lemon Chrysoprase makes you a better person, helping you to empathize, making you more tolerant, helping you to love yourself, your loved ones, other people, nature and the whole world. Lemon Chrysoprase changes you, heals and balances your world of thought. After healing, it will share your other qualities, such as prosperous energies.

It is not recommended to expose Lemon Chrysoprase to the sun as it may fade over time. There are certain crystals that do not respond well to sunlight, such as Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Ametrine and Rose Quartz.

Falling in love again

Lemon Chrysoprase is a crystal that helps you feel and fall in love. Lemon Chrysoprase helps to create the effect of falling in love again in your relationship, and if you are single, it helps you fall in love with the person who is destined to be your lover. I recommend Lemon Chrysoprase for you if you want to fall in love again and feel happy.

For loneliness

- Lemon Chrysoprase is a crystal that does not make you feel lonely and helps individuals find the happiness of a relationship again and bring to life a love that has long been lacking. It is a crystal that does not make you feel lonely. Lemon Chrysoprase helps fill the void that exists in your soul. If you feel lonely and it bothers you, be sure to wear Lemon Chrysoprase. I recommend that you also wear it to those who want to change their relationship patterns and bring more happiness to this aspect of their lives in general.

If you want to be free from loneliness, want someone to come into your life and offer you company, wear Lemon Chrysoprase with Mookaite crystal. When you combine these two crystals, the forces of these crystals will begin to attract good people into your life.

Helps to recover from betrayal and start trusting again

This crystal is very useful for you if you have problems trusting other people, especially if you have been betrayed a lot in the past. Lemon Chrysoprase helps to overcome trust problems by helping to learn to trust again and, of course, at the same time protecting against people who should definitely not be trusted. Lemon Chrysoprase helps differentiate between people you can trust and people you can't.

Makes the child happy and joyful

Children absorb the energies of crystals very easily and with them, they can heal the child's soul, support his emotions and help him change. Lemon Chrysoprase is a source of happiness, every child needs this crystal. It is a crystal that helps to enjoy life, express oneself freely and help to cope with life's difficulties. Lemon Chrysoprase is especially useful for children who have no friends or who have gone through some very difficult periods. It improves the mood and restores the child's joy.

Prosperity, success, luck

Lemon Chrysoprase is very much associated with prosperity, success and luck. Lemon Chrysoprase helps to improve your life on a very material level. Lemon Chrysoprase has the ability to bring prosperity into your life in all different forms. Wear a Lemon Chrysoprase crystal if you want to increase your personal happiness and improve the material side of your life.

This crystal has the ability to bring business success into your life, and if you do business, Lemon Chrysoprase will help you sell your product or service better. Wear this crystal while you work or sell. Lemon Chrysoprase could definitely be with you when you work so that it can bring you success. Also, Picture Jasper and Mariam Jasper bring success in business.

Creating new opportunities

Lemon Chrysoprase helps to bring innovations to your life, to find opportunities for self-realization and also, for example, to realize your talent. Use Lemon Chrysoprase for your own development and success. Keep Mookaite crystal with Lemon Chrysoprase. Mookaite creates new possibilities and Lemon Chrysoprase also helps to create them. Carry them with you, dream big and work for your dreams. You can carry these crystals together as jewellery or keep the polished crystals inside a common bag. You can also store your own secret wishes in the bag, write them down and let the magic happen. 

A crystal that creates positivity

Lemon Chrysoprase can keep you in the mood, keep you away from negative thoughts and thinking habits. If you are one who tends to think negatively, Lemon Chrysoprase will help you get rid of this habit. It is a crystal that enhances the positive world of thought and makes you see the beauty in life.

Highlights creativity

Wearing Lemon Chrysoprase will help unleash your artistic talents. If you have a talent within you, such as singing, dancing, drawing, acting, or some other artistic talent, Lemon Chrysoprase will help bring it out to you. If you already know what destiny has given you, and if it is artistic, Lemon Chrysoprase will help you make that gift even stronger.


Wear Lemon Chrysoprase when you have one of the following problems:

- Lemon Chrysoprase is helpful for those with an eating disorder. Lemon Chrysoprase helps to suppress the appetites caused by the silence of emotions. A lot of binge eating starts with stress or emotions that you can't face.

- One of the strongest healing properties of Lemon Chrysoprase is that it helps to overcome fertility problems. Lemon Chrysoprase helps to heal infertility, get rid of pregnancy problems and increases libido.

- Lemon Chrysoprase balances hormones, cures heart disease and helps block depression. Lemon Chrysoprase creates a blockage so that stress cannot become a disease.

- If you have problems with stomach acidity, stomach upset or digestion, Lemon Chrysoprase will help you heal and you will also have an intuitive understanding of how you can alternatively heal these problems. Lemon Chrysoprase brings you ideas that could help you.


Heart Chakra is the chakra with which Lemon Chrysoprase works the most and fastest. Lemon Chrysoprase helps keep your heart and cardiovascular health healthy. On an emotional level, Lemon Chrysoprase helps you feel happy, open up to love, trust, be good and kind to other people. Lemon Chrysoprase opens the Heart Chakra and makes you a better person.

Among zodiac signs, Lemon Chrysoprase has the strongest effect on LIBRA, starting to work with Libra the fastest. Lemon Chrysoprase helps Libra to be happy, positive and it is also one of the crystals that attract prosperity for Libra. Each Libra could have a piece of Lemon Chrysoprase if you want wealth in your life.

I recommend charging Lemon Chrysoprase on the Citrine or Rock Crystal geode and from time to time clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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