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BLACK OBSIDIAN with a hole different shaped

BLACK OBSIDIAN with a hole different shaped JEWELRY
BLACK OBSIDIAN with a hole different shaped JEWELRY
BLACK OBSIDIAN with a hole different shaped JEWELRY
BLACK OBSIDIAN with a hole different shaped JEWELRY
BLACK OBSIDIAN with a hole different shaped
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  • Model: MUST OBSIDIAAN auguga erikujuline
  • Dimensions: 3.00cm x 2.00cm x 1.00cm

BLACK OBSIDIAN is one type of Obsidian, that originates from Lava. This crystal carries a fire element with itself, which means that this crystal will start working in Auras at extremely high speeds. I suggest Black Obsidian for those who are attracted to it and whom it entices. When it fascinates you, it's a sign from Black Obsidian that it wants to help you. Black Obsidian is formed from the high fossilization of the Lava, and this crystal is found throughout the world in many different volcanic regions.

Wearing Black Obsidian on the  Heart Chakra and the  Throat Chakra can help bring the wearer the following:

- Black Obsidian is a very strong Aura protector and energy purifier. When starting to wear crystals and allowing them in to your life, I always recommend wearing at least one protective crystal in contact with the skin. This is to create protection for Aura. If Aura has the protection, the energies of all other crystals in your soul will remain, and they will remain to work silently for you. 

- Strengthens physical protection, which means that the Black Obsidian has the ability to keep away physical accidents and violence from you. 

- Removes the energies from your Aura that can cause depression in the long run. Helps to get rid of stress, sorrow, and emotional problems deep within the soul.

- Releases feeling anger, helps to relieve excessive nervousness, helps to withstand tension and alleviates high emotionality.

- Black Obsidian has the ability to help the wearer to look at the future. The glossier the Black Obsidian, the more powerfully it helps to predict the future. It is worn to get visions about the future. It is especially useful to wear when you use Black Tourmaline Pendulum for predictions.

- Black Obsidian protects from energy attacks and energy vampires. Protects against deliberate bullying. If you are aware of whoever wants you to fail and who is violating your life, occasionally keep Black Obsidian in your hand and give it a message for this person to leave you alone.

- Suitable for those who are unable to let go of the past and who constantly return to their past with their thoughts. Black Obsidian helps to forget very bad experiences. If you can not have another relationship because of the wounds of the past, then wear this crystal with Kunzite.

- Black Obsidian is worn to understand why you are in particular stage in your life and in situations life has set before you. It brings clarity and understanding.

- When you wear this crystal, try to talk loudly from time to time and ask questions from your Angels. After a while, you may get an answer through your thoughts. You may be sent a response through your thoughts. 

- Wear Black Obsidian with Rhodochrosite, to release yourself from harmful relationship. The combination of these crystals is useful to those who realistically understand that the relationship they are in, is destroying them. Suitable for those who cannot get out from such a relationship. Crystals give emotional help. 

- Black Obsidian protects you from the stress that occurs during new living arrangements. Black Obsidian will help you to adapt quickly and if you are afraid of the future, you should definitely wear it.

- Black Obsidian has the ability to heal the traumas and painful experiences in the soul. It helps to get rid of very difficult emotions and most of all it helps those who cannot figure out what disturbs and makes them feel dull. This crystal is also used to healing the traumas of previous lives. If you know that this negative emotion that you cannot let go of is related to some of your previous lives, then wear it with a Preseli crystal. Preseli has the ability to direct the power of other crystals into a distant past.

- Black Obsidian teaches you what envy means, why it exists and helps you understand why particular person is holding that emotion on you. Black Obsidian also protects you from not letting the envy of another person to reach your soul. Helping you to understand how low this energy is and that it should not be given attention.

- Black Obsidian is the crystal of happiness for those people who were born in the phase of New Moon creation. It is a crystal that helps this person to use his energy, ideas and talents properly. Black Obsidian helps this person to do only things that bring luck and to direct his energy into them.


For healing purpose wear Black Obsidian if you have any of the following problems:
- Depression, stress, anger, bacterial diseases, viral diseases, joint pain. Black Obsidian is particularly useful crystal for men who have joint problems. 

- Black Obsidian helps to heal a sad soul who has suffered from sexual violence and harassment. It's a crystal that helps you get rid of very horrible memories and forget about this experience.

- I recommend wearing Black Obsidian for people who do healing work. I recommend to those who themselves are healers and doctors. This crystal helps to protect you from the illness of another person, or the fact that you will not be able to pass on the illness of a patient in your own Aura.  


Black Obsidian has the ability to heal the Root Chakra, and if you wear it as a talisman, this will help to heal the problems of the Root Chakra caused by the relationship. Black Obsidian has the ability to relieve the pain that has been done in the past and forget about the betrayal. The betrayal is what can close the Root Chakra.


Black Obsidian influences CAPRICORNS and SAGGITTARIUS the most. This crystal is their protective crystal. Black Obsidian particularly affects the male representatives of these signs. For men, this is ideal crystal for stress relief.

Black Obsidian is a crystal that for CAPRICORN  is very useful for healing emotions, to fight with negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. Black Obsidian makes Capricorn firstly into a better person for himself, helping him to get along with himself. Black Obsidian balances all the negative energies created by his leading planet Saturn. Black Obsidian silences the negative effects from Saturn helping to bring about his positive qualities.

The effect of a zodiac crystal will be transferred even if the talisman is worn for some other purpose.

I recommend charging the Black Obsidian on an Agate geode and from time to time clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.

Size ca 4,2*3,4*1 cm, the crystal diameter is ca 5 mm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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