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GIRASOL with a hole

GIRASOL with a hole
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GIRASOL is a type of Rock Crystal mainly found in Madagascar and it already makes this a valuable crystal. All crystals from Madagascar have stronger energy values than anywhere else in the world. Madagascar'senergy is not on par with other regions when it comes to spirituality.

Girasol has a milky translucent tone and can often be confused with regular Rock Crystal. Girasol has been formed as a result of the merging of Rock Crystal and water - water channels run in the earth's crust and have passed through the Rock Crystal site. Water turns Rock Crystal into Girasol.

The main feature of Girasol is to purify the Aura, just as a normal Rock Crystal does. Girasol has many of the characteristics of the Rock Crystal, but it also has its added value.

Wearing Girasol on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- Girasol is a crystal that helps the soul to awaken successfully, to understand where to move in life and what still needs to be learned and changed. If you are looking for a crystal that will help guide you on the right path and evolve you spiritually, then Girasol is just the right crystal.

- Girasol is a crystal that helps cleanse the entire Aura system of a person, Girasol does it a little differently than Rock Crystal does. Girasol helps to relieve the tension, stress, irritability, overreaction, nervousness in Aura first and then it starts to deal with the rest of the energies. So Girasol cleans your Aura of stress the most.

- Carry this talisman with you at all times or around your neck at night. Why? Girasol helps you come to dreams and give you prophetic visions. Dreams are given to people so that we can have clues about our lives, Girasol has the ability to open your Third Eye Chakra to see dreams.

- Wearing Girasol is useful for those who are unable to make their thoughts and visions clear to others and sometimes to think for themselves. Girasol helps you to express your thoughts very easily and clearly.

- It is a talisman of "communication", Girasol has the ability to improve communication skills by helping you to express yourself so that no one else can read a third of it. Suitable for those who feel that others constantly misunderstand him.

- Suitable for wearing with business and work success crystals. Especially with Picture JasperCarnelian and Mariam Jasper. Girasol enhances the work of these crystals. Girasol itself has the ability to bring business ideas in a creative sense and is suitable for those who do something, invent it and use their creative talent to make money.

- Be sure to wear this talisman when you feel that you can't stop overthinking in any way. Girasol helps to deal with constant worries and get rid of this energy. Girasol helps to heal the Crown Chakra, whose weakness brings such a problem.

- Girasol helps to free the soul from the need to over-consume salt, helping to eat salt sensibly and give the soul the energy you are looking for in salt yourself, giving you the courage to face the future and fight problems.

- Girasol is a crystal that helps you get rid of self-deception, of being someone you really are not, by releasing from your thinking and behaviour the emotions and habits that lead you away from who you really are. Girasol is a very good soul healing crystal that will help you find yourself and let yourself develop in the right direction. Girasol works very hard to make you dare to be who you are. Girasol works with Tiger’s Eye for the same purpose. It is helpful to keep these two crystals in your life in order to foster spiritual development and to dare to be who you really are. Wear these crystals or make healing water from them.

- Girasol helps to let go of loneliness and free you from the fear of rejection. If you feel that you have to constantly prove yourself, to please someone, you feel that you cannot express yourself sincerely and honestly about the fear that everyone else might say and think about, then you may be caught up in such fear. Girasol will help you get out of this. In addition to Girasol, it is useful to use  Rock Crystal and Hypersthene, having exactly the same effect. Using these crystals together, the effect is many times stronger and more intense. 

Also, read my article "The fear of loneliness and abandonment", which can be found HERE. If you recognize yourself in this article, these crystals will be a great help to you.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make a tumbled crystal water-elixir or massage with this crystal’s massage crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Girasol is very useful in curing diabetes. Helps to slow down the aggravation of this health problem and helps to gradually reduce it. This is particularly useful when other alternative therapies are being given, such as changing dietary habits.

- Helps to get rid of constant feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, revives your energy reserves. Revives both emotional energy and physical energy.

- Strengthens the immune system and metabolism.


Girasol works most with these two Chakras, helping to revitalize and activate them. 


Girasol generally affects all zodiac signs equally, but it works the most with CAPRICORN. Girasol is Capricorn’s crystal of intuition and spirituality, helping Capricorn to understand his destiny and distinguish between right and wrong feelings.

Charge on geodes only crystals that are in direct contact with your body.

Girasol can be charged on a Rock Crystal geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Jasmine incense or Palo Santo.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals HERE.

Size ca 3*2*1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or chain.
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