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SARDONYX leverback pendant (silver 925)

SARDONYX leverback pendant (silver 925) JEWELRY
SARDONYX leverback pendant (silver 925) JEWELRY
SARDONYX leverback pendant (silver 925) JEWELRY
SARDONYX leverback pendant (silver 925) JEWELRY
SARDONYX leverback pendant (silver 925) JEWELRY
SARDONYX leverback pendant (silver 925) JEWELRY
SARDONYX leverback pendant (silver 925)
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SARDONYX is a positivity crystal that opens the channels of positivity in the depths of the human soul. Sardonyx increases self-confidence and is associated with cheerfulness. Sardonyx is a crystal formed from an Onyx which also contains Rock crystal - Quartz. Sardonyx creates itself in volcanic regions because it is a crystal from Lava. Sardonyx can be found and mined in volcanic regions around the world.

While most dark-coloured crystals are related to protective energy, Sardonyx is a special kind of crystal and promotes positivity. This energy in dark crystals is not a common phenomenon.

Wearing Sardonyx on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring its wearer the following:

- Sardonyx makes you cheerful, optimistic, good-hearted and enhances your good qualities. This is a crystal that will make you be kind and more tolerant.

-The crystal which increases self-confidence, strength, personal power, motivation, motivates to dream and move towards one´s desires. Sardonyx will help you to see and create opportunities for yourself. 

-Protects against negative emotions, and when someone criticizes you, Sardonyx does not let this kind of harmful energy to harm you. Sardonyx has a protective effect on Aura, it has the ability to hold leaks in your Aura. The leaks in the Aura allows positivity to disappear and through them, the negative energies of other people can enter your Aura.

- Sardonyx is a crystal that helps you lead a healthier life. Sardonyx will help you make better, healthier and more useful choices that are good for you. Sardonyx will help you get rid of bad habits and make you see how you are hurting your body and soul. 

- It is a crystal that helps you understand more about your life tasks by helping you understand why you were born to this life and what your goal is. Sardonyx will gradually help you to understand the journey given to you, helping you to make the right steps and see, why you are brought to this life. 

-Sardonyx is useful to those who like to predict for themselves. Sardonyx is worn during the prediction to prevent incorrect visions and perceptions. In addition, it is useful for those who are afraid that they will affect the answers to pendulum or Runes. Wear Sardonyx with you every day, if you wish to advance this ability in yourself

- A crystal that helps to attract good luck and good friends. If you´re wearing Sardonyx together with another crystal, then Sardonyx will help you to realize what the effects of the other crystal are. So, Sardonyx matches with every other crystal.

- Sardonyx has energy, that helps two lovers in their communication and getting along. Sardonyx helps to understand each other better, to express your own feelings, thoughts and emotions in a way that the other won´t interpret them wrongly. A crystal that helps to prevent misunderstandings and solve differences without bigger fights. While wearing Sardonyx you will begin to work harder for your relationship and to find solutions for differences. Useful crystal if you wish to get along well with your partner and to keep that getting along down the line.

- Sardonyx is a crystal that helps you to make your own life better, helping you to find possibilities for bringing well-being into your life. Keeping Sardonyx in your life it will start calling good opportunities to your life and when they come to your life, then you must be able to see them. If you bring yourself Sardonyx then start to follow how your life starts to change, what enters your road of life and what kind of opportunities will suddenly start to find you. If something enticing appears, then it may be something Sardonyx brought to you path. Sardonyx is one of the protection crystals, that won´t let opportunities with the misfortune to come to your life, therefore dare to risk, if you have chosen Sardonyx as your helper.

- A crystal that helps you to see your own potential, helps to understand what you are good at and where you should go to become even more successful. Sardonyx is especially useful in work, helping to find opportunities on how to get successful at work and move up the career ladder. 

- Sardonyx is a crystal that provides you with material certainty. Crystal, which, by keeping close to your life and body, will help you bring good and beneficial opportunities in the material sense. Crystal, which helps to prevent going broke, bigger material problems and by preventing these problems, it invites good luck to your life. Wear this crystal with you if you want to improve your life.

- Sardonyx has the ability, right and power to help you make the right and healthy decisions in your life, whether on a daily basis or at some point in your life. It is extremely useful to wear Sardonyx crystal when there is a Venus square with Uranus, a time when the planets are drawing your attention to something unhealthy. Sardonyx will help you not to take wrong steps that you may regret later. This crystal should be cleaned with plant smoke before use to maximize its performance.

- Sardonyx is a crystal that helps you to maintain hope, good character and optimism regardless of the situation. It injects and inspires optimism. If you feel that you have lost it, then is the time to find a place for Sardonyx in your life. Let this crystal preserve your best features and protect them from being lost. Bring even a small piece of Sardonyx to your home. 

Sardonyx helps to keep you away from the wrong road

Sardonyx has the ability, right and power to help you make the right and healthy choices in life, whether daily or during a certain life period. When there is the Venus Square Uranus then this crystal is extremely useful. This is the time when planets direct your attention to something that is unhealthy. Sardonyx helps you to not make wrong steps you can regret later. Cleanse this crystal with ritual plant smoke before you use it so it can work with full power.


- Physical healing skills of Sardonyx include, for example, strengthening bones, improving eyesight and hearing. Sardonyx is useful for healing osteoporosis. Wear and use Sardonyx if you have problems with your eyes and ears.

-For men, Sardonyx is necessary when there are problems with impotence, fertility and sexuality. If a man wants to be more sexual, then wearing this crystal will help create it. In addition, Sardonyx contributes to the healing of diseases that are common to men, such as with prostate problems.

-Crystal, which helps to reduce backaches, prevent them, and heal the pain of back injuries. If the back is constantly strained, your back muscles will not be able to relax, and this will cause discomfort. Then it will be useful to wear Sardonyx crystal for a long time.

- Sardonyx accelerates metabolism, it is very useful for improving metabolism. If you feel or know that your metabolism is slow, I recommend that you use Sardonyx for healing purposes. Sardonyx helps to eliminate toxic substances from the body.


Sardonyx heals the first two Chakras, which is the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. Sardonyx helps to release blocks from these energy channels that will not allow them to work. If you're wearing a bracelet made from Sardonyx or make water elixir from this tumbled crystal Sardonyx should work more efficiently on these Chakras.

If you have a very serious and desperate need for sweets, then wearing Sardonyx will help you get rid of that sweet addiction. Sardonyx helps to get rid of the deep-rooted dependence of sweetness and deal with the emotions that make it so addictive. 

I recommend wearing Sardonyx when you feel that you cannot be creative, and you have more serious blocks in terms of self-expression and in explaining your own thoughts. Sardonyx helps to heal the problems of the Sacral Chakra, which is related to creativity.


Sardonyx is giving powerful protective energy to the Aura of ARIES. Sardonyx is especially useful for Aries men. This is a two in one crystal that giver Aries men good luck and success. In addition to luck, Sardonyx helps to protect the Aura of the Aries, helping to keep away misfortunes and physical accidents.  Sardonyx helps to strengthen their intuition

Sardonyx is a very useful crystal for Aries, it is a crystal that helps Aries to fulfil his purpose in life and to bring good material happiness into his life by fulfilling it. Sardonyx helps Aries understand how he could help people by his side and how to live more successfully in general. Sardonyx keeps Aries on his right path. It is a crystal that helps bring Aries material security and financial happiness. Sardonyx helps Aries to be positive, happy and socially successful. You can read about the life purpose of Aries HERE.

Sardonyx helps Aries to fulfil his life's task and it's also one of his love crystals. Sardonyx helps Aries to find the person from his life with whom he would feel good, comfortable and happy. This crystal should be in his life for bringing more luck to relationships, and also to improve the already existing relationship and make it more romantic.

Sardonyx is a universal luck crystal to Aries, which helps to attract good luck and prosperity and to block off energies that can bring misfortune. I recommend that you carry the Sardoonix crystal with you like a piece of jewellery so that its power can be in the Aura of the Aries or keep Sardonyx in the birth crystal chest. You can find out more about this chest HERE.

In addition, Sardonyx is beneficial to those PISCES, born on February 24 - 25. 

The effect of the zodiac crystal is transferred even if the talisman is worn for some other purpose.


Sardonyx is a protective crystal to those born under life path number 3 all.

I recommend charging Sardonyx crystal on Agate Geode and clean it from time to time with Sage or Palo Santo ritual smoke.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from HERE.

Size ca 2*1,3*1,3 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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