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JOY essential oil roll-on

JOY essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
JOY essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
JOY essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
JOY essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
JOY essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
JOY essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
JOY essential oil roll-on
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JOY roll-on essential oil blend consists of 100% essential oils and a carrier oil which is wheat germ oil. This blend contains Mint, Orange and Myrrh essential oils packaged in a roll-on bottle.

Roll-on essential oils are La Tene oils that are easy to use and carry with you in your daily routine. It is a mixture of oils that not only heal the body physically, mentally, spiritually as well as emotionally but also moisturise the skin. La Tene roll-on blends are all 100% natural body-friendly and vegan oils. Roll-on Series is primarily for everyday use and gives you the opportunity to heal yourself with essential and base oils at any time. Comfortable to use at work, in a workout, travelling and at home. Roll-on oils are very comfortable to apply to the body. A mixture of oils is balanced and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Roll-on is compact and can be used immediately. If essential oils are to be mixed with carrier oils, in this La Tene series we have done the work for you. You just open the cap, apply the oil to your skin and enjoy the healing of the oils. Roll-on oils can be applied to the whole body, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. 

La Tene roll-on range is an alternative oil to your daily perfume selection. These are natural and body-friendly oils whose fragrance can be used to replace perfume. Toxic synthetic fragrances damage human health, but with a blend of natural oils, you can smell like a flower every day without harming your health. When using as a perfume, apply roll-on oils to the neck, décolleté and hands. 

Vitamin E and wheat-germ oil

La Tene roll-on is based on wheat-germ oil, a rich product of vitamin E that heals and moisturises the skin. Wheat-germ oil has an intensely emollient and deep moisturising effect, which is a very useful carrier oil for applying essential oils to the skin. Wheat-germ oil helps essential oils impart their healing properties without drying the skin. But wheat - germ oil itself has a lot to offer you. All La Tene roll-on products are based on wheat-germ oil. Wheat - germ oil does not contain gluten, so gluten abstainers do not have to fear this oil. However, celiac patients are not advised to use wheat -germ oil.

It is an oil that boosts the immune system and promotes overall health. Wheat-germ oil is considered to prevent cancer and is therefore very beneficial to your skin, especially if you are a sun lover. Wheat germ oil relieves muscle spasms, helps to relax and speeds up metabolism. This oil is high in Vitamin E and is the vitamin your skin needs to shine, maintain its youthful appearance and prevent premature ageing. Wheat germ oil has a regenerative and healing effect and is beneficial to those with weak, red, acne and generally problematic skin. Apply La Tene roll-on il on injured skin.  In addition, this oil is an excellent antioxidant product that blocks the formation of free radicals in the skin.

JOY roll-on:

* Improves mood

* Promotes positivity and optimism

* Heals the Aura field

* Creates a good feeling

* Offers relaxation

* Renews and heals the skin

* Lifts emotions

* Opens a sense of humour

* Improves concentration and analytical skills

Joy essential oil roll-on is useful for you if you are looking for an alternative way to improve your well-being, mood, and spirits. This blend of oils contains essential oils that will help to rejoice you, and this is what gives this roll-on-its name.

Who do I recommend this blend of oils? For you, when you have mood swings, a cloud of worry is constantly haunting you and you want to see the sun every day. This oil is easy to use, just apply it on your skin! Mint, Orange, Myrrh and wheat germ oil work great together to provide you with relaxation and awaken in you the ability to enjoy life.

Use this roll-on when you have a lot of stress or your mood has dropped. If you constantly want positivity, then use it regularly. These are healing oils which means that in addition to making your skin look more beautiful after using Joy, your health will also get the best from it. Joy oil has more to offer you than just a good mood.

Carry it with you if you want to cheer yourself up. It works especially well when you are tired and need to activate energies. These are oils that affect all four of your bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Physically they will help to relax, relieve pain, and improve the way you are feeling. Emotionally they help to bring happiness by helping to joke and enjoy it. On a spiritual level, these oils work so one day you can sustainably be satisfied and happy. Spiritually they will help to understand what to avoid so that you do not become unhappy or what you want to be related to being happy.


Mint essential oil is especially important for women’s health; it helps to regulate hormones and is therefore beneficial for those whose mood or malaise is related to hormonal problems. Mint essential oil balances blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, helps to cope with stressful situations and reduces tension. It gives you everything you need to feel good. The perfect addition to Joy roll-on-helping to create a good mood and well-being.

Mint spiritually helps to remove the confusion and increase your confidence. Mint essential oil helps to keep your head clear, relieving worry and slowing it down. Very useful if you are the one who causes stress to yourself. Mint prevents you from focusing on band and unimportant things, helping you focus your energy only on the important. Mint improves the mood, makes you feel good, helps to feel happy and that is why it’s included to Joy roll-on.


Orange is great and makes your mood just like that. Orange is strongly related to the Sacral Chakra, helping this Chakra to function properly. The Sacral Chakra, in turn, is responsible for your will to act, your well-being and your enjoyment of life. Orange makes you relax, increasing your thirst for life and strength. Orange essential oil is a real mood enhancer, Mint and Myrrh only compliment it. It’s an essential oil that prevents stress from growing in time, helping to keep your mind healthy. It can lead you to an emotionally very happy phase. Use Joy roll-on-regularly!

Orange essential oil is a natural and alternative antidepressant - it already tells you why this oil is in La Tene Joy roll-on. Orange essential oil creates positivity in the Aura field. By using this, you will heal your entire Aura field, incorporating positivity into it which prevents bad moods. It helps to think about things that are too much for you and then clean them from the Aura field with the healing power of Myrrh. Mint, in turn, helps to improve analytical capacity and thus to reach a conclusion about what is important and what is not.


Myrrh is one of the best-know essential oils of Ayurvedic medicine, which has an analgesic and stress-relieving effect. Myrrh adds strength to the Joy roll-on, helping your body to get rid of tension, relax muscles and thus feel good. Myrrh kills harmful bacteria on the skin, making it an ideal body. It helps skin stay healthy and keep you away from illnesses. Due to its high content of antioxidants, it helps to restore and heal the skin. Myrrh has an SPF 15 sun factor, so it is useful to use Joy roll-on even in the summer or on a sunny holiday. The delight can also be applied to the lips.

Myrrh helps to free you from magical rituals placed upon you. Of those done for harmful purposed by someone else, such as cursed or malicious spells. Regular use of Myrrh will help to release bad energy from your entire Aura field, which is why it fits so well into this mixture of essential oils. The less bad energy you carry, the more happiness and positivity you have. Myrrh changes the mood good and creates a good feeling.

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All health advice and information is not health information. It is Tene's own knowledge and opinion and recommendations.

The use of roll-ons is the responsibility of each individual. 

Info 10 ml. 100% essential oils and wheat germ oil. La Tene product. When used, close the cap properly to prevent oils from escaping from the bottle. This way you'll avoid damage to the pocket or bag if you carry it with you.
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