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La Tene crystal set "MONEY LUCK"

La Tene crystal set "MONEY LUCK"
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La Tene crystal set MONEY LUCK has been created with five different crystals. These five crystals activate the money luck for those who start to use this crystal set. Money luck crystal magic is created by Citrine, Green Aventurine, Picture Jasper,

Tiger’s Eye and Petrified Wood.

The crystal set is created in agreen-, yellow- or golden coloured bag. These colours, in turn, give the crystals that bring money luck even more magic. Colours support certain energies and these colours support the cash flow of energy.

Money luck crystal set will help bring luck in money and cash flow. These five crystals support the opening of energy of abundance and these crystals can be coded specifically to invoke the money.

One coin and one paper of the highest possible value must be placed in the crystal bag. In this case, the crystals in this kit are activated to invite money. The money is left in the bag as long as it is desired to get money luck from these crystals. Money should not be removed before. If taken, then the magic power, which you have put into the crystals, disappears.

Once you have put the money in the bag, keep this bag of money luck crystal set in your hand and make your wish for these crystals. The wish must definitely be materialistic. You could give this set a very specific direction through which money luck could be activated in your life.

Money luck crystal set I recommend keeping at home in the prosperity corner, in the money box, in the office space, or it can also be carried with you.

Citrine is a crystal of wealth, good luck, abundance and money. Citrine can help invite riches in your life, and it activates other money inviting crystals to work faster. Activates its power very quickly when combined with money.

Green Aventurine brings work, professional success, and good material luck through self-effort. Green Aventurine is in this kit to help bring money luck through work.

Picture Jasper is a crystal of professional happiness, business success and independent work. Picture Jasper brings material luck through your own efforts and with other crystals it also helps to invite money. Picture Jasper brings especially good luck in money to those who are engaged in business or are independent workers.

Tiger’s Eye is one of the most famous crystal of abundance, happiness and wealth. Tiger's Eye increases good luck where it is. Tiger's Eye activates the movement of money and increases the flow of money energy. Very quickly activates through the other crystals in this set.

Petrified Wood protects against misfortune. Crystal, which has the ability to block financial misfortune when used with money luck crystals. Petrified Wood helps the money to come into your life and stay in your life. Blocking cash outflow.

From time to time clean the money luck crystal set with Aloe, Patchouli or Cannabis incense. At least once a month. Simply place the set next to the smoking incense and let it be there until the incense goes out.

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