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La Tene crystal set "NEW JOB"

La Tene crystal set "NEW JOB"
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La Tene crystal set "NEW JOB" is made of only natural gemstones. This set includes Zebra Jasper, Star-Rhyolite and Vesuvianite. The latter has a particularly strong attraction for prosperity and monetary luck. The purpose of this set is to open an opportunity in your life to turn a new page professionally. These crystals help to create good luck in finding a new job as well as in a new position. The set of crystals is placed in a bag with an explanation of the crystals.

Zebra Jasper makes you creative, helping you to realize your true potential. This crystal brings out your high-quality qualities, helping you to learn new knowledge and skills.

Star-Rhyolite is a crystal of achievements, helping to improve your performance and quality. A crystal that motivates and inspires you to work hard. Together with Vesuvianite, it attracts positive attention and creates a magnet that increases professional luck.

Vesuvianite is an excellent crystal of prosperity that combines the effects of the two previous crystals beautifully with money and work. Vesuvianite increases prosperous energies and could be in the middle of prosperity crystals in the home.

In addition to this set of crystals, I also recommend wearing an Ametrine crystal while looking for work. This crystal is suitable for finding a new job - it brings good luck. You can also add Ametrine to this crystal set.

Cleanse the crystal set from time to time with Patchouli incense so the energy of crystals could be as active as possible.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals HERE.

Info Medium-sized crystals.
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