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La Tene crystal set "LEO"

La Tene crystal set "LEO"
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La Tene crystal set "LEOI" is created only from natural semi-precious stones. In this set, there are the main luck crystals for Leo. Yellow JasperBronzite and Muscovite bring prosperity, positivity, optimism, protection and love to Leo. Such an effect is created by their common combination.

I recommend Levi to keep these crystals close to her or in the box of birth crystalsGive this set to the Leo, to whom you want to give good luck

Yellow Jasper is a great injector of positivity for Leo. From this crystal, it is possible for Leo to receive a lot of good energy, which will send him through life. It protects against sadness, stress and problems, highlights his good traits, makes him ambitious, hard-working and promotes his working life. Yellow Jasper is a crystal for wealth, prosperity and money luck for Leo.

In addition to healing properties, Bronzite also helps Leo to increase his personal strength. It gives him prosperous energy to help them achieve exactly what they want business-wise and professionally. Bronzite brings the fulfilment of material dreams to the Leos. In addition, Bronzite is also a crystal with a grounding effect for this sign, which makes Leo durable. A crystal that brings good luck to Leo on a universal level - it is always useful for Leo to keep it close to him in any form. I also recommend wearing this crystal jewellery.

Muscovite is the dream crystal for Leo. This crystal should be kept by Leo at a time when he has many dreams to which he wants the universe to bring answers. In addition, Muscovite brings relationship luck, family well-being and love.

I recommend wearing these crystals as jewellery for Leo in order to bring even more success and happiness into your life. Clean occasionally with Nag Champa incense so that the energy of the crystals can be as active as possible.

Other crystals that Leo wants for his own life can be added to the set!

Read the full Leo article HEREIt lists everything about the character of Leo and the crystals that bring this sign luck.
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