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FRANKINCENSE ritual & magic candle

FRANKINCENSE ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
FRANKINCENSE ritual & magic candle
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FRANKINCENSE is one of the main plants used to make incense, oils, ointment, the crumbs of this tree is burned to bring its magical properties to life. Frankincense grows mainly in Africa and India. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years to make healing ointments, essential oils are used to heal the physical body, and the bark and oils of this tree are burned to heal the spiritual body.

Frankincense  candle can be used in many different ways, creating love around you and at home:

- Frankincense is associated with stress relief, so it is good to burn it in any room to relieve stressful energy.

- Burn a candle near the front door of your home if you want to remove bad energy from your home. Also suitable for burning among the home protection crystal set to amplify the work of these crystals and activate them to protect your home.

- It is useful to place a Frankincense candle on the table when conversations can be tense between people or you want to solve problems. Boswellia essential oils help to open your senses so that there are no quarrels, but solutions, and this promotes a tolerant attitude towards each other.

- This is such a universal candle that could burn constantly in your home. All this because Frankincense essential oil has similar effects to Sage or Palo Santo, which are energy-purifying skills.

- Frankincense candles can also be burned when performing regular cleansing rituals at home, using a Sage smudge stick or burning Palo Santo. Frankincense candle can be replaced with white candles and it is also many times more powerful for these plants to use in ritual. When ritual plants are burned, it is always necessary to put a candle next to it so that the cleaning ritual can work to its full potential.

- Burn Frankincense candle after cleaning your home with Sage, Myrrh, Copal or Palo Santo smoke. In this case, the ability to bring positive energy into your home is activated in the Frankincense essence. If home energy is pre-purified, Frankincense creates optimal and good energy. Frankincense activates the growth of positive energies. It is especially useful to burn a Frankincense candle during an eclipse.

- Use Frankincense candle from time to time in rooms where there is little movement. In these rooms, the energy stops, which in turn starts to generate negative energy. So it is good to burn Frankincense from time to time so that the energy flows and there are no portals of negativity.

- Use it in different spells where this particular candle is marked.

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Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOR OF THE CANDLES CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE!
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