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PINE ritual & magic candle

PINE ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
PINE ritual & magic candle
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PINE is a well-known prosperity ritual and magic plant that is used to open, replenish and amplify prosperous energy. Pine is also used as a protective element, which means that this candle made of the plant and its essence can be used in protective rituals. The pine symbolizes endurance, prosperity and vitality.

Pine candles can be used in many different ways, creating love around you and at home:

-It is good to burn a candle with a pine essence among the prosperity crystals to activate them. During the Full Moon or during the period when various rituals of prosperity are performed, it is good to burn it next to a box of prosperity, money tree or crystals. It's like a simple candle ritual.

- Burn this candle in any room to invite good luck to that particular direction. If you keep in the room in the western quarter, you will invite family luck, if in the east, health luck, and if in the north, you will invite work luck into the house.

- It is useful to burn a pink candle in front of the front door to scare away the bad energy that has entered the house. It can also be used therefor preventive purposes.

- A pine candle relieves stress inside you. If you feel emotionally exhausted and negative, it makes sense to use this candle. A pine candle is your great companion at a time when you are confused when your thoughts are scattered and you feel that you cannot see the reality of your life.

- Pine candle is a great mood enhancer. If you want to make your or your family's day happier, burn a candle in your home. If guests are coming to you, fill your home with a pine aroma so that the time spent with the guests will be pleasant.

- Pine candles are used in various rituals and magics of abundance and material desires. Pine is used in money magic, work rituals and rituals of liberating material misfortune.

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Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOR OF THE CANDLES CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE!
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