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Obelisks are symbols of an ancient Egypt that symbolizes a rectangular tower which has the peak of the pyramid. Obelisks were built to protect objects/souls from harmful energies. Obelisk sent out the negative energy upward, towards heaven/space.

Obelisks were made to prevent storms from breaking objects in the area and to prevent the formation of heavy storms.

Obelisk`s were built near different temples, usually they were made in pairs and kept on both sides of the entrance. All this was done to protect the temples from bad, harmful and devastating power, spiritual or physical strength.

These towers were built in the honour of Sun God Ra. Egyptians believed that Obelisk`s have the power to direct sunrays on the temple, which in turn helped souls to absorb the energy and be reborn. In short, Obelisk was used to restore, amplify and protect the energy. Back then and even now Obelisk`s are made out of one particular rock/crystal, it is made in one piece.

Obelisks made from different crystals have their own unique energies and features.

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