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YERBA SANTA smudge stick

YERBA SANTA smudge stick
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YERBA SANTA is a healing and protective ritual plant everyone should have. Yerba Santa comes from native Americans that are from the Indian traditions. Yerba Santa or the sacred herb has a pleasant aroma, which for many has an immediate mood-improving and healing effect.

This plant is used for various purposes: to create a protective layer on the aura field, to protect against spiritual attacks, to shield against cosmic negative energies, to increase courage, to set limits, to create discipline, to highlight spiritual talents such as clairvoyance, communication with the intuitive voice and to increase the happiness of love.

Yerba Santa is a ritual plant that I use to evoke visions when I need to know something quickly and immediately. This automatically puts me in a position where I can get answers to my questions.

Creating a strong Aura protection shield

It is a plant that helps to create a shield around you so that negative power cannot turn everything in your life upside down. If you feel that a retrograde causes you problems with love or money, or you have problems with someone, then clean your Aura Field with Yerba Santa.

Pick up the smudge stick, set it on fire. Let it burn for about 10 seconds, then shake or press the flame to extinguish and let Yerba Santa smoke. If the smudge stick smokes, move it around your body. Clean your whole body with smoke, thus cleansing your Aura Field. It releases the cosmic negative energy you have absorbed and creates a strong defensive field that prevents negative energy from entering your Aura Field.

Heart Chakralove luck and Karma of past lives

Yerba Santa is able to purify the Heart Chakra, which is related to human affairs, relationships, feelings, emotions, and the relationship Karma of past lives. By clearing your Aura Field with Yerba Santa, the negative energy in the Heart Chakra and even the. Karma of past lives is cleared. Regular use of Yerba Santa, whether to cleanse your home energy, meditate or restore a state, will help heal your Heart Chakra. If you hold this ritual plant, its smoke will reach your Heart Chakra.

Yerba Santa helps to improve your love life by ending relationship dramas, unleashing the misfortune above your relationship, activating relationship happiness and bringing good times with you. For example, Yerba Santa will help you prepare for the coming of new love. If you are single and want a companion next to you, clean your Aura Field with Yerba Santa at least once a month to keep your Heart Chakra active. The more active it is, the faster you will find the right companion in your life. An active heart chakra attracts a soulmate.

Cleanse the energy traces of bad people with Yerba Santa or your home or environment from very bad events

It is a ritual plant that can get rid of very heavy, bad, unhappy and problematic energies. If you have experienced something very bad, you have been hurt or voice has been raised on you, quickly clean your Aura Field with Yerba Santa. It will help release what has happened to you.

If you want to clean your home from previous owners who have left very bad energy in it, then Yerba Santa can do it. Clean your home with Yerba Santa every month until you feel well and positive at home.

If you have had to be with someone who has affected you very badly, then when you get home, clean your Aura field with Yerba Santa first. It helps to restore your inner balance and harmony.

Releasing nightmares

Yerba Santa helps keep demonic energies away and is very helpful in relieving nightmares. If you dreamed of a nightmare, a demon, bad souls or something very scary at night, the first thing to do in the morning is clean your Aura Field and your bed with Yerba Santa. Walk around your bedroom with a smoking smudge stick to block bad energies from entering your personal life. Yerba Santa creates a shield around you and in the bedroom so that demonic energies cannot enter your home.

Become more intuitive and allow visions to come

Yerba Santa is a psychic ritual plant that can evoke visions, establish a telepathic connection with another person, reach an astral journey and achieve everything else spiritual. Burn Yerba Santa during meditation or when you want to make contact with someone from the other side. This plant helps you see visions, bring out visions of the future and make you more intuitive.

Regular burning of Yerba Santa helps to activate the upper Chakras. This means that it makes you more spiritually capable every time you use this smudge stick. Therefore, it is very important to have a ritual plant of Yerba Santa, which is not always available. It is a plant that is not easy to grow and can therefore often be in shortage.

Be sure to use the Yerba Santa ritual plant in the magic or rituals where I have brought it out. The power of this plant is unique and cannot be replaced. 

Size Smudge stick length ca 10 cm.
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