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Terms & Conditions

1. General information

1.1. Webshop La Tene, (hereinafter referred to as E-boutique) is a webshop created by Must Kass OÜ that is used to sell goods.

1.2. The terms of use of the E-boutique (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) apply for all the legal relationships, offers, orders, sale transactions in the E-boutique between the user, that is the client, and E-boutique owner Must Kass OÜ, registry code12677535.

1.3. In additions to the terms, the legal relationships arising from the use of the E-boutique are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

1.4. E-boutique may change the Terms at any time. Changes will be published on and will come into force immediately after their publication. By using the E-boutique and making an order through that the client agrees to the Terms, confirming it with appropriate entry.

1.5. All crystals sold at the La Tene boutiques and E-boutique are natural. Natural gemstones, their jewellery and other products could therefore appear cracked. In the growth of crystals different cracks and splices will arise, as they have gotten different types of pressure on the ground and during the processing. Any kind of irregularities and cracks are a natural part of natural gemstones and are not part of defects.

2. Price information

2.1. All the prices specified in the E-boutique are indicated in euros and include VAT in force in Estonia.

2.2. Prices do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are shown before the purchase for the client to review and choose the best option.

2.3. If the client orders a product from outside the European Union, the product may be subject to import duties and customs duties paid on arrival in the country of destination. Such fees are paid by the client. Taxation and customs policies can vary by country, so the E-boutique recommends that the client familiarize themselves with any additional taxes before ordering the product.

2.4. E-boutique may at any time change the prices displayed on the E-boutique. All changes will be published and will come into force immediately after their publication.

2.5. If the client´s order is submitted before the price change is published, then price applicable to the client is the price in force at the time of the purchase.

3. Submission of an order

3.1. Order confirmation means a valid document of a conclusion of the purchase document.

3.2. To submit an order, select the appropriate product from the E-boutique and click “Add to cart”. By clicking “Check out” you can view the products in the basket, modify and remove the quantities. You can also enter the voucher code, gift card code, the delivery fees and see the total amount.

3.3. Then click “Confirm order”.

3.4. When submitting an order, the client is required to enter his details: name, e-mail address, phone, address.

3.5. On the “Confirm Order” you need to choose the delivery and payment method, and the items selected, phone number, e-mail, delivery and payment methods, and delivery address must be checked beforehand. It ensures the accuracy and timely delivery of the order. Also a comment is possible to be added to the order.

3.6. It is possible to pay for the product by using bank transfer (invoice), bank links (SEB, Swedbank), credit card (VISA/Mastercard), PayPal or paying upon arrival. Necessary information for the bank transfer is found from the order confirmation sent by e-mail.

3.7. By clicking “Confirm order” you will be directed to complete the payment. Before confirming the order the client must agree to the Terms.

3.8. The order is not shipped until the payment has been received.

3.9. When the sum of the order is over 50 euros, then E-boutique will ship the order with a parcel machine in Estonia for free.

3.10. In case of problems or questions, contact our E-boutique client service or 5578186.

4. Registration and logging in

4.1. By registering you create an account on the E-boutique that enables you to see your wishlists, order history, refunds, transactions, etc. Clients accounts enables the E-boutique client service to assist you in an easier and faster way, and also enables to use the previous order for the next one.

4.2. To register click on the ”My Account” on the top of the webshop and choose “Register”. Enter the following information: name, e-mail address, phone number, address and create a password. You can also subscribe to the newsletter.

4.3. When you already have an account then you can sign in by choosing “My account” and “Login” where you need to enter e-mail address and password.

4.4. Privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data.

5. Delivery

5.1. E-boutique delivers the order according to the delivery method chosen by the client.

5.2. Possible options are SmartPOST´s parcel terminals or Omniva parcel machines, Itella Courier Services and it is also possible to pick the order up from our Kuressaare (Kauba 14a) or Tallinn (Tartu mnt 50a) boutiques.

5.3. Read more about delivery methods, times and fees from HERE.

5.5. E-boutique ships worldwide. Read more from HERE.

6. Right of withdrawal and returning the products

6.1. When the client wishes to cancel the order before it has been delivered, then the client is obliged to notify the E-boutique as soon as possible.

6.2. After receiving the product, the client has 14 days to review the product according to the Law of Obligations Act. If the client wishes to return the good, he is obliged to notify the E-boutique client service as soon as possible (but not later than within 14 days since receiving the order) to use the right to return the products and the returned product(s) must be undamaged and unused.

6.2.1. Withdrawal period begins to run when the order has been delivered physically to the client.

6.3. The right of withdrawal shall not apply to products which faults derive from the wrong use of products or normal wear and tear from the regular use of products.

6.4. To return the order there must be filled the withdrawal application form that is available HERE.

6.5 To return the order the application for withdrawal can be also submitted through e-mail address The application should have the name of the client, order number and date, the copy of payment notice and the reason for withdrawal.

6.6. Money will be returned to the same bank account from which it was paid. E-boutique will return the money to the bank account within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the returned product.

6.7. Paid delivery fees and costs related to the refund will not be returned. The client shall cover the costs related to the return of the goods, except when the reason of return is the fact that the object subject to return does not comply with the order.

7. The right to submit a complaint and returning the noncompliant product

7.1. According to the Law of Obligations Act § 218 (2) the client has the right to submit a complaint for two years of the receipt of the order. Any defect which becomes apparent within the first six months is presumed to be already existed at the moment of the purchase and has to be examined by the seller.

7.2. The client is entitled to submit a claim to the E-boutique client services no later than within two months from the moment of detection of a defect by sending the claim by e-mail with the following information:

  1. name and contact information;
  2. date of the complaint;
  3. defect, photographs if possible;
  4. the complaint presented to the Must Kass OÜ;
  5. order number;
  6. payment order copy.

7.3. The according notice must be sent at latest within 2 months when the defect first appeared. The client loses the right to demand that Must Kass OÜ repairs or exchanges the product free of charge if the aforementioned period is exceeded without valid grounds.

7.4. Must Kass OÜ is not responsible for

  1. any damage caused to the product at the client´s fault or due to neglect;>
  2. defects caused by abnormal use;
  3. the product´s normal wear and tear due to ordinary use.

7.5. In case of a noncompliant product the client shall have the right to require spare parts, replacement or to withdraw from the order and to return the noncompliant product.

7.6. In the case of the return of the noncompliant product the paid sum with the delivery fee is returned to the account the client used when placing the order no later than 30 days from the withdrawal of the order and from the receipt of the wish to withdraw.

7.7. E-boutique reserves the right to terminate the contract when the product was ordered at the time when the webshop was experiencing a typographic error regarding the price of the product. If the contract is terminated, the client will be informed by e-mail and the money will be returned to the client as soon as possible but not later than within 30 days from ordering the product.

8.Liability and Force Majeure

8.1. The parties shall be released, partially of completely, from performance of the obligations arising out of or in connection with the contract if this is prevented by force majeure, with the parties obliged to take all measures to prevent the other party from causing damage and to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, the performance of the contract. The occurrence of force majeure must be proven by the party who wishes to refer to those circumstances as a basis for dispossession of the liability arising form the law and / or the contract for failure to fulfil or non-compliance with the obligations entered into under the contract. In the sense of the contract, force majeure is not a change in the economic situation of the party, bad weather, rising prices, vacation, bankruptcy, or bankruptcy alert or enforcement of an action.

8.2. Any liability of the E-boutique is limited to the cost of the product.

8.3. Links that lead to other websites from the E-boutique are not under control of the E-boutique and the E-boutique is not liable for any damages that may be incurred in connection with the use of the linked links.

9.Applicable law

9.1. The law of the Republic of Estonia applies to the Terms.

9.2.All disputes between the client and E-boutique are resolved by negotiations. In case the compromise is not reached, the client has the right to contact the Consumer Protection Board or the Harju County Court.

10.Privacy policy

10.1. The client gives the E-boutique the right to process its personal data.

10.2. The privacy policy is explained HERE.

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