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PYRITE geode

PYRITE geode
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PYRITE is a crystal known as an executor of wishes and transforming dreams into a physical reality. Pyrite is used to enhance wishful thinking. Pyrite is with a silver-gloss that has a very strong effect. Pyrite's main mining areas are Peru, Chile, Italy andNorth-America.

Pyrite is called the keeper of the treasure chamber. This is because it has the ability to maintain everything you have created and achieved.

Pyrite is known as an activator of abundance and happiness. By owning these energies, Pyrite carries these energies forward to the human Aura or home’s Aura. Whoever comes into contact with Pyrite will be in direct contact with the energy of happiness. When Pyrite is used, it makes the person's own Aura field more inviting of prosperity. Pyrite helps to keep good luck around you, which in turn will help you find good ways to improve your life. Pyrite has the ability to protect against misfortune, which in turn increases the power of good luck.

I recommend using Pyrite for those who have a crazy bond with this crystal. Pyrite does not work with everyone, but only with the person who likes this crystal. The name of the Pyrite comes from the Greek word "fire". Pyrite contains metal and therefore I do not recommend bringing this crystal together with water. This is to make this crystal shine beautifully and maintain its beauty. If you want to purify the Pyrite, use ritual plants.

Place Pyrite geode under your bed so that it can fulfil your dreams!

Attention! When you bring Pyrite to your home and start using it, it is good to hold Pyrite in your hand and make a wish for it. Give Pyrite a goal of what it can start fulfilling. If you bring it for prosperity, then wish for abundance and, if for protection, focus on the crystal to protect you. Only then find a place for it.


It is advisable to keep pyrite geode inside the prosperity box, prosperity corner, in the south-eastern direction, among the crystals of business success or in the northern direction, where the energy channel of the business success of your home is located. In these places, the Pyrite helps to amplify any prosperity energy movement, helping to bring to your life exactly the kind of success and prosperity that you expect from this crystal.

Keep Pyrite geode among the set of prosperity crystals in your home so that it can invite prosperity to your life. Place at least one of the Pyrite geodes in your home in the South-east direction and the other one in the East direction. In the south-east corner, Pyrite helps to attract prosperity, which is not yet in your life, and opportunities which help you improve your life materially. Keep Pyrite geode in the east corner of your home so that it can help maintain your job, the success of the business and career achievements. It will not allow bankruptcy to occur and will not allow bad luck to break your career. 

Place the Pyrite Geode on your work desk or office space to become a better employee. It is a crystal that enhances the qualities of a leader in a positive way. Helping managers to manage and business owners to be successful. Pyrite geode brings success to the area in which you work.

 If you have done different kinds of rituals and magic in your home, then Pyrite geode is the geode that helps this spiritual magic to work. Keep the geode where you keep the crystals of your rituals and magic.


Pyrite is a crystal that is used to keep home from bad energy/power, curse power and harmful people. When creating home protection, the protective crystals are placed next to the front door of the home and hidden from the stranger's eyes. The Pyrite geode is placed among these crystals so that Pyrite would direct the protective power to the Aura of the home and its family members. Pyrite geode can protect the home from bad souls and misfortune. It is used to protect both material and emotional misfortune. Pyrite geode is also useful when the family has enemies, helping to protect them from fulfilling their bad wishes.

Keep the Pyrite geode in the north-west corner of your home, so that this geode protects your home from the external factors that can bring you misfortune. If you have a front door in the Northwest direction, you should definitely have a Pyrite geode there. This is because most negativity enters the house through the north-west direction, and if there is an entrance door, then the front door directs negativity to the family very fast.


Geodes are used to create "charging altars". Geodes can restore the power of jewellery crystals and give them vitality to work with you.

Pyrite geode is mostly used to charge crystals that are related to prosperity, material happiness, fulfilment of wishes and dreams, business success, professional success, motivation, protection, curse protective crystals.

Create a charging altar where you can store crystal jewellery when you don't wear them. This is to prevent the crystals from losing their power. I recommend that you read one of my articles where I talk about charging and cleaning jewellery. You can find this article from HERE.


Irrespective of the animal year, the Pyrite is the happiness crystal of those born in the Metal Year. The Pyrite strengthens the good influences of the Metal Year and balances its negative effects. Pyrite brings good material luck to those born in the Metal Year.


Pyrite geode is very useful for those who are born as Leos or those who live with the Leo under one roof. Pyrite geode is useful to keep in the home of Leo. It has the ability to keep Leo positive, helping other family members get along with him and also Leo to have good family relationships. Pyrite geode is suitable to keep anywhere in your home. If Leo lives in this home, Pyrite is working with him continuously. In addition, Pyrite geode is one of the strongest crystals of prosperity, good luck and success. This crystal could definitely be in Leo`s prosperity corner, in the money box, or in the midst of abundance inviting crystals. In addition, it is a good idea to keep Pyrite geode on Leo's work desk so that it can bring him professional success and happiness. Read my articles about the Leo zodiac and what you definitely need to know about Leo from HERE.

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