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SARDONYX flatstone

SARDONYX flatstone
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SARDONYX is a crystal for happiness, well-being and boosting self-confidence. Sardonyx mainly comes from India, Uruguay, Brazil and Germany. Sardonyx is a crystal formed from an Onyx, Sard crystal and Carnelia which means it has the power of three crystals. Crystals formed from a combination of crystals have a lot of different energies and if they have some joint powers, then it automatically amplifies. Sardonyx is a very colourful crystal, it can be completely jet black, mixed with black-white-red, but be also white. 

Wear Sardonyx with you if you feel like you need some extra power, extra energy, to amplify self-confidence and will-power.

If your work is related to writing, it would be good for Sardonyx crystals to be on your desk or near your computer. Sardonyx helps to write and create inspiration faster, better and smoother. If you have a plant on your computer desk, then set Sardonyx on its soil, that way you don´t have to create a separate crystal base.

Keep Sardonyx in your love crystal set, if you wish to attract love or amplify love happiness. Keep them in the most north-western room in your home, if you wish to attract good acquaintances and friends to your life.

Sardonyx is a crystal that provides you with material certainty. Crystal, which, by keeping close to your life and body, will help you bring good and beneficial opportunities in the material sense. Crystal, which helps to prevent going broke, bigger material problems and by preventing these problems, it invites good luck to your life. Wear this crystal with you if you want to improve your life. Keep Sardonyx crystal near the front door of your house, so that it could attract good luck through Feng Shui energies. By keeping it near the front door, it helps to block material misfortune that tries to enter your life. 

Sardonyx is a crystal that helps you to maintain hope, good character and optimism regardless of the situation. It injects and inspires optimism. If you feel that you have lost it, then is the time to find a place for Sardonyx in your life. Let this crystal preserve your best features and protect them from being lost. Bring even a small piece of Sardonyx to your home. 


Different flatstone shaped crystals are made from different semi-precious crystals, to use them as message object, in healing therapies, meditation or, for example, in Chakra therapy. The flattened shape provides a good and convenient way to use the crystal in therapies. These crystals can be used in the same way as round crystals are used. If you like this shape more, be sure to use flat stone crystals. In this crystal, all the essential characteristics of this crystal are present. This shape simply transforms this crystal into a better meditation and healing crystal.


Flatstone crystal can be used for massage by anybody, without having to have a speciality. Massage can even be done for yourself.

- Sardonyx massage helps to release sadness, stress from the Aura field, this massage helps to heal Aura field and energy leaks. Upper body Sardonyx massage helps to heal the whole Aura field.

- It is useful to do Sardonyx massage to the body area with an illness or to a Chakra that is not well. Sardonyx helps to heal the energy field above a sick person.


Usually, in meditation, two flatstone crystals are used together, they are held in both hands during the crystal mediation. Sit with your legs crossed, lying down or just the way you wish. Always find a comfortable position for meditating, holding the crystals and letting your breath rest together with the crystal.

- It is very useful to meditate with Sardonyx from time to time, it heals the Aura field and helps to get rid of bad mood. If you feel like you are in a bad mood, you can´t handle your emotions anymore and wish to have more positivity, then definitely use Sardonyx crystal for meditation.

"Meditation for understanding your own life"

With the Sardonyx meditation, it is possible to achieve, where you should move with your life, what you should do today and what is the meaning of your current life. Sardonyx helps to find the meaning of your life and that's why it´s useful from time to time to meditate with Sardonyx.

Take one sphere into each hand, close your eyes and ask from yourself in your thoughts, what you want to know about your life. Concentrate and let visions to appear. Visions that appear are the answers to your>

Communication and understanding between partners

Sardonyx has energy, that helps two lovers in their communication and getting along. Sardonyx helps to understand each other better, to express your own feelings, thoughts and emotions in a way that the other won´t interpret them wrongly. A crystal that helps to prevent misunderstandings and solve differences without bigger fights.

It would be useful to keep Sardonyx crystal in the joint home of lovers, for better communicating it is best to keep Sardonyx in the south-western room of the home taking into account cardinal point energy channels or in a particular crystal set created for relationship happiness.

I recommend you give Sardonyx crystal to your partner if you wish for your personal connection to get warmer and better. Sardonyx teaches how to communicate with your partner, helping you to be more patient, tolerant, more willing to compromise and understanding. It teaches the same skills to your partner.

Making your life better

Sardonyx is a crystal that helps you to make your own life better, helping you to find opportunities for bringing well-being into your life. Keeping Sardonyx in your life it will start attracting good opportunities and when they come to your life, you must be able to see them. If you bring Sardonyx into your life, then start to follow, how your life starts to change, what enters your life and what kind of opportunities will suddenly find you. If something enticing appears, then it may be something Sardonyx brought to your path. Sardonyx is one of the protection crystals, that won´t let opportunities with misfortune come to your life, therefore dare to risk, if you have chosen Sardonyx as your helper.

Bringing Sardonyx into your life on Full Moon with Red Jasper it will bring new opportunities into your life.. Bring these two crystals into your life at the same time, so that they could make your life better thanks to Full Moon. Take these two crystals and set them on the windowsill during the Full Moon and let them stay there until the end of the period. After that take these crystals and set them to the Southern Quarter in your home. If you have Feng Shui southern crystals in there, join them with others, if you don´t have anything in there, find a plant and put crystals in the pot, or a base where to keep them. You can later add other crystals to them, that apply to the Southern Quarter of your house. Bringing these two crystals to your life on Full Moon increases good luck, helps to release misfortune, encourages you to make your life better and they will give you a certain strength to climb up in your life.

If you have a wish for the Sardonyx to bring good luck for your whole family, then keep it at your home. According to Feng Shui, at the centre of your home there is a channel for happy family life, keeping Sardonyx in there, activates exactly the energies that bring happiness. In addition to Sardonyx, you can keep other lucky crystals in the centre of your home, for example, Citrine Tip, Citrine Geode or Mookaite.

Bringing professional success through North Quarter and Sardonyx

Sardonyx crystal suits very well with the North Quarter according to Feng Shui healing therapy. Black tint in Sardonyx helps to calm stress-energy in the North Quarter and lighter tones help to open work success channel situated in the same quarter.

By keeping Sardonyx in the North Quarter, it activates itself and power in the quarter´s happiness channel, that helps you to move towards professional success. Sardonyx helps to see potential in yourself and understand what you are capable of and what you could achieve. A crystal that encourages to make changes and leads the way to success. If you put Sardonyx into that quarter, then in a few moments good ideas, that are professionally useful for you, may come to you. Listen to the thoughts Sardonyx sends you and let it guide you. 

Learning and concentrating

I recommend using Sardonyx when dealing with learning. Sardonyx is a good crystal to add to learning crystal set, as it helps to concentrate. It is especially useful when concentrating on long term or harder subjects, wishing to carry it out until the end. So, keep this crystal on your desk or carry it with you to school or keep it with other crystals contributing to learning. 

Removing misfortune from home

Sardonyx is hiding in the corners of the house, near doors and windows to block misfortune. Sardonyx protects from theft, burglary and violence. If you are just starting to build a house, then hide these crystals inside the walls of the house. If you have a house, then you can set them on the windowsill. 

Strengthening love

Sardonyx has the ability to create bigger attraction, romance and interest between people. Use it for establishing better contact and when things start to go downhill. For that take two Sardonyx crystals, keep them with you seven days, for them to be near you always. Then put one of the Sardonyxes under the bed, one under your place and one under your partner´s place. Keep Sardonyxes there as long as possible and when things start to get better then add them to the love crystals set. 

Sardonyx helps to keep you away from the wrong road

Sardonyx has the ability, right and power to help you make the right and healthy choices in life, whether daily or during a certain life period. When there is the Venus Square Uranus then this crystal is extremely useful. This is the time when planets direct your attention to something that is unhealthy. Sardonyx helps you to not make wrong steps you can regret later. Cleanse this crystal with ritual plant smoke before you use it so it can work with full power.


- Physical healing skills of Sardonyx include, for example, strengthening bones, improving eyesight and hearing. Sardonyx is useful for healing osteoporosis. Wear and use Sardonyx if you have problems with your eyes and ears.

-For men, Sardonyx is necessary when there are problems with impotence, fertility and sexuality. If a man wants to be more sexual, then wearing this crystal will help create it. In addition, Sardonyx contributes to the healing of diseases that are common to men, such as with prostate problems.

-Crystal, which helps to reduce backaches, prevent them, and heal the pain of back injuries. If the back is constantly strained, your back muscles will not be able to relax, and this will cause discomfort. Then it will be useful to wear Sardonyx crystal for a long time.

- Sardonyx accelerates metabolism, it is very useful for improving metabolism. If you feel or know that your metabolism is slow, I recommend that you use Sardonyx for healing purposes. Sardonyx helps to excrete toxins in the bod. To get help from Sardonyx make yourself water-elixir.


Sardonyx is giving powerful protective energy to the Aura of an ARIES. Sardonyx is especially useful for Aries men. This is a two in one crystal that gives Aries men good luck and success. In addition to luck, Sardonyx helps to protect the Aura of the Aries, helping to keep away misfortunes and physical accidents.  Sardonyx helps to strengthen their intuition

Sardonyx is  a very useful crystal for the Aries sign, it is a crystal that helps the Aries to fulfil its purpose in life and through its fulfilment bring good material happiness to his life. Sardonyx helps Aries to understand how he could help people close to him and how to altogether live more successfully. Sardonyx keeps Aries on the right course of life. It is a crystal helping to bring financial security and happiness to Aries. Sardonyx helps Aries to be positive, happy and socially successful. Read more about Aries life purpose from HERE.

Sardonyx helps Aries to fulfil his life's task and it's also one of his love crystals. Sardonyx helps Aries to find the person from his life with whom he would feel good, comfortable and happy. This crystal should be in his life for bringing more luck to relationships, and also to improve the already existing relationship and make it more romantic.

Sardonyx brings overall luck to Aries that helps to attract good luck and prosperity and block misfortunate energies. I recommend wearing Sardonyx crystal as jewellery for its power to be in the Aries Aura field or keep Sardonyx on the Aries birth crystal chest. You can read more about this chest from HERE.

In addition, Sardonyx is beneficial to those PISCES, born on February 24 - 25. 


Sardonyx is a protective crystal to those born under life path number 3 all.

I recommend charging Sardonyx crystal on Agate Geode and clean it from time to time with Sage or Palo Santo ritual smoke.

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