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CITRINE is one of the most popular crystals in the world. Citrine is a type of Quartz or Rock Crystal and has very similar ingredients with Amethyst. Citrine has a yellowish tint, which also has white in it, that same white is Quartz. Citrine´s yellow tone gives it an ability to attract prosperity, create positivity and give energy. Citrine is one of the most used prosperity crystals to ensure material success and to attract money.

Citrine got its name from a creek word CITRON, which means citrus. Citrine got its name because when it was first discovered it was noticed right away how similar Citrine is to lemon.

Citrine is mainly found from BrazilUSASpainMyanmarMadagascarRussiaFrance and also from Great Britain

Underground, during the transition temperatures of Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine is formed. Ametrine is a crystal that contains both Amethyst and Citrine.

Citrine is actually a very rare crystal, when it is mined, its genuine colour is dull and relatively colourless yellowish tint. However, almost all of the Citrines that are available are created in the process with help from humans. This means that Citrine can be heated out of the Amethyst and that does not alter the properties of the Citrine. All of this because, even underground, Citrine forms itself at higher temperatures than Amethyst, and it forms itself directly inside the Amethyst. So, when people give Amethyst a certain temperature, it´s also a natural process. Fire is part of nature and so are crystals. The fact that people themselves help to create the Citrine is quite normal, and it does not make the effect of the crystal weaker, but even more powerful. So, if you´ve heard from somewhere that Citrine is not a real Citrine then it´s not true. All crystals create themselves from other crystals, and this is affected by the temperatures underground; there are also many other crystals that can be brought forth by fire and at the right temperatures.

Citrine is one of my favourite prosperity crystals that I recommend to use in every home and for your own well-being. This is all because Citrine has the ability to act very quickly in the human Aura and in the environment. Citrine is also a crystal which can also be used by the beginners to the world of crystals. All of the crystals formed by Quartz will work very fast.

Citrine is a crystal that brings positivity and joy and creates happiness. Wear Citrine with you when you wish to keep your mood up and to make yourself cheerful. Citrine won´t let you be sad, keeps you emotionally healthy, helping you to keep your happiness in any situation.

Citrine is a positivity crystal that brings a lot of joy and success into your life. Citrine is used to create a "Good mood" crystal set. You can read more about this set from the Yellow Calcite article HERE.

Besides the ability to create a good mood, Citrine has the ability to silence a person´s fears. Citrine silences fears and then helps them to get out of Aura. Citrine is very useful in combating fears because it silences the fear before it can leave the Aura. Citrine is a Quartz crystal, so it has the ability to clean Aura from unnecessary energy.

A crystal that helps you to get rid of the constant fear of something going wrong in your life. Are you a person who is afraid of his own future or have you had a moment in life when you fear misfortune when everything is okay? Citrine is a crystal for freeing fears and a healer. A crystal that helps you to evaluate the present state in real-time and to release the fear from where it should not even exist. Citrine is a crystal that teaches hope and faith into a better future, helping to keep up with a positive attitude towards what is yet to come. When you have a tendency to fear and you are afraid that something bad may happen, then you should definitely keep Citrine in your life or carry it with you. 

Citrine has the ability to protect the family, your home and yourself from the material misfortune.

Citrine makes people more confident, helps people to better see their own value and deal with personality problems. I have written a thorough article about the Solar Plexus Chakra and Citrine is one of the main crystals that help with the problems in the Solar Plexus Chakra. I recommend reading this article and you can find it from HERE.

Citrine is a crystal, which I suggest to bring in every home and this could be one of the first crystals, which you use to heal your home energy. Citrine has the power to heal the energy which causes sadness. Citrine fights with every mood spoiling energy and it is suitable to add it everywhere in the house. The more you have Citrine in your home, the faster other crystals also work. Citrine has the ability to make energies move, especially when you use positivity or prosperity crystals in your home.  

Citrine has the ability to break energy ties and obstacles in the human Aura that prevent a person from developing in any area of life.

Citrine is a great crystal for prosperity and wealth. A crystal that can bring financial luck into that person´s life who uses it or who has it in his home environment. Citrine is a crystal that helps you to understand and notice how to bring good financial possibilities into your life. Citrine helps to notice the possibilities, to seize the opportunity and what to use for bettering your financial stand. This helps financially and is perfect for people who cannot improve their financial situation by themselves. Bring Citrine into your life when you wish to improve your current situation, to be richer and wealthier in the future. By bringing Citrine into your life in different forms you will continue to increase the possibilities of your own luck. Citrine is definitely one of the main prosperity crystals with which you should start with when you wish to gather different prosperity crystals into your life. Let Citrine lead you the way towards where you could get financially successful. 

When you wish to accomplish something through Citrine or to get prosperous or material luck, then by wearing or using this crystal focus on what it could bring you. It is particularly important when you wish to get yourself a new Citrine, then right away make a wish, give it a meaning for existing. Crystals draw information and when you ask something from the crystal, then it will start to work accordingly. 


The energy of Citrine has been considered abundant since the beginning of time, and Citrine is with the longest history used to increase prosperity. Citrine is used to create money boxes and prosperity chests. Citrine is used in any set of crystals, in magic, and in rituals, where you want to invite prosperity. Citrine crystals, points and geodes are used to improve the south-east corner of the home. The South-East corner is an abundance channel in your home and the more Citrine there exists, the more powerful you will change the power of that corner. South-East symbolizes good luck, material success and prosperity.

Citrine is kept in a wallet to protect you from financial downfall while helping you achieve material success in your life. It is kept in a money box to increase financial happiness. Add Citrine to pots of prosperity plants so that these plants could bring good material happiness to your home. Citrine is most suitable to be kept in the pot with Jade Tree, Zanzibar Gem or Mother-in-law´s tongue.

Citrine has the ability to fulfil material desires and is therefore used in prosperity rituals and in prosperity crystal sets.

Citrine has the ability to bring unexpected opportunities to your life, which makes it possible to improve the quality of life. This does not mean that you do not have to do anything for yourself. Citrine brings you options, you need to be able to seize the opportunities.

Citrine is worn during job interviews to increase the chance of getting the job.


The Citrine points have the added ability to direct the energy forward or direct it to specific regions. Citrine points are most useful for creating crystal sets to send the power of other crystals to the environment. It is good to use them in the money boxes, to send signals to capture prosperity through Citrine points.

Citrine points are also used to heal the body and to direct the energies into the body. It is good to meditate using them and to absorb the properties of Citrine into your soul.

Citrine points are kept in the car if you want to sell the car and bring success to the sale. Exactly the same thing is done with a house or some other thing which has bigger value.


Citrine geodes are the most powerful energy crystals that could be used to invite prosperity. Geodes have the ability to work very powerfully, they have small points that direct the properties of this crystal to the environment.

Citrine geode should be kept at home in front of the mirrors to direct their energy into the entire room. Citrine geode can easily be kept at the table in different rooms to bring a good mood to the house. Citrine geodes do not let the family members feel sad or out of the mood. It is especially well-suited to keep the Citrine geode on the dining table so that during the family meal, everyone would be happy and conversations would be positive.

Place Citrine geode in your workroom so you can keep yourself motivated and work would give you more energy rather than take it away. In addition, Citrine contributes to the material progress through the work, so it works in a variety of ways in your work environment.

Citrine geodes help to bring the environment in which they exist, good thoughts, ideas and, in particular, the thoughts that help improve your quality of life.

Citrine geodes are used to charge jewellery and to create places for charging. Keep the prosperity, success and positivity jewellery on top of these geodes when you do not wear them. All this in order to avoid the loss of energy from crystals, and also for them to be able to restore their energy reserves. If you're wearing a crystal, then they constantly give you their power and they will need to be charged so that they do not get empty. If you keep your crystals in a decent way, then they will work with you, otherwise, I believe that one day you yourself have just emptied your crystal.


- Citrine is a Solar Plexus Chakra crystal which means that this crystal has the ability to heal digestion problems, the stomach and to help with metabolism. Citrine is for you when you suffer from digestion problems, feel a constant discomfort in the stomach and know that metabolism is your weak spot. It is useful to wear Citrine anywhere on the body but is particularly successful when the crystal is close to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

- Citrine heals the unfounded fears and mood swings in the spiritual sense. Citrine has the ability to ground negative emotions. It heals emotions, helps joyfulness to return when it has been lost.

- Citrine heals stress and helps to get free from melancholy and pessimism. Perfect for healing depression.

- Helps to get rid of constant lack of energy, is the perfect crystal for increasing the energy of life, that is good to be used in times when mental or physical energy is very low. 

You can read more about making water-elixirs and storing these crystals from HERE.


Citrine is a prosperity crystal and this way it can be connected to three different Chakras. Before anything else, it opens energies in the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is our third Chakra responsible for our soul’s positivity and happiness, but also for our prosperity and money energy. Citrine stimulates Solar Plexus Chakra to create luck. When you feel like you need a talisman that could activate your luck channels, then Citrine should be the first crystal to seek help from.

Citrine activates the Sacral Chakra, the second Chakra in your body. This one is responsible for your creative mind, vitality, thirst for life and creativity. Citrine helps to make your ideas into reality by directing you to think creatively and then injecting willpower for making everything real. Sacral Chakra is linked to work success and the prosperous abilities of Citrine will help to stimulate cash flow through work.

Citrine directs the energy from Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra to the Crown Chakra. With this, you can fulfil all of your ideas and ambitions. The connection between the Crown Chakra and the other two removes the fear usually preventing fulfilling your dreams. Citrine helps you to believe in yourself and your power. 


It is particularly useful to keep Citrine in Leo´s life, as jewellery or in some other form. LEOis the one to who Citrine brings prosperity, materiel luck, success at work and wealth. The crystal that gives good luck to Leo and to his actions. The more Citrine in Leo´s life the bigger his wealth becomes.

In addition to Leos, Citrine is also a very useful crystal for Cancers. To CANCERCitrine foremost shares its emotional support, making his emotions positive and amplifying his good mood. Citrine brings also good luck to Cancer, like to other zodiac signs, but first, Citrine gives emotional healing to Cancer. Citrine also brings Leo luck at work and prosperity by helping to attract material luck and to increase wealth energy. This crystal helps to see the opportunities that can be used to improve your financial state.

Citrine brings prosperity and success to VIRGO and also, emotional success.

Crystal of happiness for fire element - AriesLeo and Sagittarius

Citrine is a crystal of happiness, positivity and good energy for fire elements. Citrine enhances the good energy characteristic of the fire element and always helps to have a good mood. Citrine should always be in the life of  ARIESLEO or SAGITTARIUS. Citrine should be near them or in their home environment. 

I recommend charging Citrine on a Citrine geode and clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.

You can read more about cleaning and charging from HERE.

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