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RED JASPER with a hole dolphin

RED JASPER with a hole dolphin JEWELRY
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RED JASPER with a hole dolphin
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RED JASPER is one type of Jasper with a characteristic dark red tone, from which white-black lines can run through. The red tone in Red Jasper is because its Jasper composition contains iron, which makes this crystal-like that. Red Jaspers are mainly found in South Africa, France, India, Germany. The greatest strength of Red Jasper is the supply of energy and vitality.  The native Indians believed that the Red Jasper was the blood and power of the Earth and they began to use this crystal to strengthen the health. In ancient times, the ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, Arabs and other societies used Red Jasper as a defence against bad words and black magic.

Red Jasper is a crystal that can make a person stronger and more resilient. A crystal that gradually increases your strength and is very useful for people who need to use a lot of physical strength in their work, be constantly on the move and when the work is hard on hands or legs. This crystal is suitable for people who have very long work-days. Red Jasper won’t allow the person to become weak on the spiritual or physical level and that’s why it’s useful to wear it in a work like this.

Red Jasper teaches you to take risks at the right times. Red Jasper knows when it's time to take risks, helping you throw yourself at the right time in front of the fire. Red Jasper knows what is the result of the risk and intuitively it will direct you into risky situations that will bring success. Wear this crystal if you want to know when it's time to resist your fears or keep it at your own home so that you become more intuitive to the risks. 

Red Jasper will not let you get involved with the influences of society. Red Jasper blocks the negative way of thinking about oneself caused by today's standards. Red Jasper helps you to be who you really are, not one of many and the kind that most people are. Red Jasper increases self-confidence and reduces the ability to go along with other people. 

When you are wearing Red Jasper or keeping it at home (house, room, etc.), it can release the energy of misfortune from the human Aura field. Red Jasper releases the energy of misfortune on every level. If you feel misfortune on certain topics in your life then surely bring red Jasper to your life. 

DOLPHIN symbolizes freedom, love, emotional well-being, creating friendships, sharing your own feelings freely, trusting, innovation, moving forward in life and youth. Dolphin symbol is good as it gives every crystal the strength to change its carriers future and to free them from deadlock.


Red Jasper dolphin talisman help to bring faith, hope and a wish to move forward and create something to the child. This is the perfect motivational and life energy talisman for a child. Helps to prevent getting tired and helps to increase energy.

Animal talisman could also be hanged to dream catchers, jackets or other things. Animal talismans are meant for children because the symbols they carry increase the power of the crystal. Therefore they have a special power with protective abilities.

Wearing the Red Jasper over the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra can help bring the following to the bearer:

- It’s very useful to wear Red Jasper during the spring for its energizing abilities. Red Jasper is one of the strongest crystals besides Orange Calcite that helps to fight with seasonal fatigue and constantly feeling exhausted.

- Wear Red Jasper around your neck when you sleep as it has the ability to fulfil wishes when you think about your desired dreams before you go to bed. 

- This crystal is beneficial to people who feel like they’re always on the clouds and can’t focus on the present or present problems. Red Jasper helps you to stay in the moment and deal with everything that is important at the moment. Red Jasper teaches to enjoy the moment and make the most of it. 

- Red Jasper is a crystal that helps to restore your passion for life and romantic passion. Wear and use it when you're emotionally numb, distant in the relationship or when you feel that you're very reserved. Red Jasper helps you to open up, enjoy the relationship, be open for new love and make you generally more accepting to love. Wear Red Jasper together with Rhodochrosite or Rainbow Moonstone, when you wish to increase romantic passion. Wear it with Carnelian, when you wish to find motivation and increase your ambition.

- Red Jasper helps to make people sense danger better and gives them the ability to face dangerous situations. It’s a crystal that teaches you to survive and increases the ability to protect yourself. 

- Red Jasper is related to justice, different situations and solving unclear ones. Wear this crystal in times you’re in the middle of a court case or in a situation where you need to prove your innocence. Red Jasper will bring you out from these type of problems. 

- This crystal protects you from electromagnetic radiation, that is from the energy radiating from computers and other devices. This is the energy that makes you tired and eats up the vitality in you. I recommend this crystal for people who work with computers or electronic devices. 

- Useful talisman for everyone working in law, are judges, lawyers or police, also waitresses or people working the night shift. Red Jasper helps to bring protection in dangerous work-related situations, helps to maintain your energy levels during long days or night shifts and increases your inner strength in communicating with unpleasant people.

- I recommend this crystal for actors or for people who want to become ones. Red Jasper brings good and abundant luck to the actor's career. 

- Red Jasper has another very valuable ability and this is something that’s very widespread but is not talked about out loud. Red Jasper helps to get out of fear of physical proximity and helps to raise low libido. Red Jasper helps to increase passion and help show emotions in a physical form.

- It’s a crystal that protects you in times of change, helping you to adjust to new things better. This crystal is especially useful for people who are entering into a new relationship and are afraid to get hurt. Red Jasper helps to adjust to a new partner and begin a new life with him. You can wear Red Jasper together with Mookaite and Rose Quartz when you wish good luck for the relationship.

- Beneficial to be carried while travelling as Red Jasper protects you from the bad intentions of locals when you’re in a foreign country. Wear Red Jasper together with Hawk’s Eye, as the combination of these two crystals will help you to keep safe from physical accidents and dangers outside of the home. It’s always good to keep protective crystal near you when you travel.

- Red Jasper is the "Source of Life Crystal" which means that this crystal has a lot of different energies that you need to survive. It is an energy crystal that gives you the desire to live, push forward, move forward, work, create, and it is a crystal that blocks any feelings of giving up. This crystal is for you when you are looking for some strength to keep living and some power to move on.

- Red Jasper will help you to reborn in the life you’re living. Reborn in the sense that it helps you to get out of the big problems and start from the place where everything has broken down, helping you to change yourself and change your path. 

- Red Jasper offers you a sense of security, helping you to be independent and alleviate your Help also to let go of unexplainable fears you carry with you from past lives.

- Red Jasper helps children increase their sense of responsibility and helps them understand that their parent's wishes must be heard. At the same time, it is also a crystal that I recommend the child to carry with him at school, as it protects him from the negativity and criticism, and unpopularity of other children. It is a crystal of justice that helps to get out of situations where he is trapped, where he is mistreated, and where he is treated unfairly. Red Jasper has an anti-bullying effect, helping to remove the energy bond from your child's Aura Field with another child or adult who is a bad influence. Red Jasper should be worn for as long as the problem, communication or manipulation persists. Once this crystal has done its job and you have been able to control the situation, it is time to stop wearing Red Jasper. Among the crystals, it is the strongest crystal to resist bullying. Red Jasper encourages to be oneself, to stand up for oneself, and it protects the emotional and mental body from the wounds of bullying. 

I suggest giving Red Jasper to people who wish to give health and vitality!


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Red Jasper is one of the strongest therapy crystals when you need to heal fertility problems. Red Jasper helps to give energy to Root Chakra which is associated with fertility problems. When this is the problem, then Root Chakra is definitely shut and needs to be healed.

- Other  Root Chakra problems, lousy work of reproductive organs or illnesses, fertility problems, sexual insufficiency, uterus cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer. Heals the Root Chakra problems related to more serious problems, like uterus cancer or some kind of tumour in the reproductive organs. It’s recommended to people who have had an illness like this and are afraid of its return. This crystal releases fears and allows to go on with life.

- Red Jasper has the ability to protect you from miscarriage and, generally, from problems with pregnancy. It’s very useful to wear Red Jasper for the whole pregnancy for people who have problems with carrying to the full term. After the child is born you should thank the crystal and return it to nature and stop wearing this jewellery. 

- Brecciated Jasper and Red Jasper are the two crystals that are used to block the risk of miscarriage. These crystals heal the woman's body and make it more beneficial for the baby.

- Besides healing the Root Chakra, Red Jasper can also have a positive effect on the Sacral Chakra by helping to support the work of kidneys.

- Blood problems, weak blood vessels, fluctuating blood pressure, blood-related illnesses, anaemia, epilepsy, low haemoglobin.

- Seasonal fatigue, lack of energy, lack of vitality, lack of motivation, depression, constant feeling of debility.

- Wear Red Jasper near you when you go through radiation, x-ray or ultrasound. Red Jasper has the ability to protect you from the harmful effects of these things.

- For kids, I recommend wearing Red Jasper when there have been problems with the respiratory system or asthma since birth. Red Jasper helps to reduce deep-rooted breathing problems and different allergies and to find solutions to cure them.


Red Jasper crystal is very useful for the first Chakra, the Root Chakra. The Chakra system starts with the Root Chakra, and if this Chakra is out of place, then other Chakras will not be able to do their work on a regular basis. Red Jasper helps to heal the Chakra, and thanks to this, it will also enable the upper chakras to do their job properly. Red Jasper releases the angry feelings or insults inside the human soul that he holds on someone. These same emotions break down the Root Chakra channel, which in turn close this Chakra.


Red Jasper gives the most energy to ARIES and CAPRICORNS. It brings love to CANCER and SCORPIO.

Red Jasper is a very useful love crystal for CAPRICORNS. Firstly, it will quickly start to work in his Aura. Red Jasper increases passion and makes Capricorn show all of this to people in his heart. This opens him up and, therefore, makes the relationship more healthy or, when a Capricorn is single, makes him more responsive to love. Red Jasper activates energies in him that increase his overall luck in love. 

Red Jasper is a crystal to ARIES it is beneficial for them because of their health, it brings strong physical health to them. In addition, Red Jasper helps Aries to be positive and well-meaning. ARIES love luck crystal is Red Jasper. It is a crystal that helps Aries to bring out his most powerful, passionate, and best qualities. It is a crystal of love that helps keep the passion in a relationship alive and strengthen feelings of strength. For unmarried Aries, the Red Jasper brings a soulmate and general relationship luck. This crystal is useful to wear if it is desired to attract relationship luck.

For SCORPIO the Red Jasper is a very good love crystal, as it helps to invite love to Scorpio. If Scorpio wears Red Jasper or keeps it in the set of love crystal at home, then this crystal will bring love to Scorpio, whether Scorpio is single or already in a relationship. To an unmarried person, it brings a new relationship and more luck to a Scorpio who is already in a relationship.

Zodiac crystals can be worn by everyone, but for certain zodiacs, they will have a faster influence over others.

NUMEROLOGY for those "being born on the 6th day"

Red Jasper increases the vitality and positivity of the person born on the 6th day, by protecting him from worries other people have caused him. It’s a crystal that helps to take more risks and succeed, helping to get out of your comfort zone when you need to do it and if it's useful. Red Jasper will also help bring love to those born on the 6th day, helping to resolve disagreements that may occur in a relationship.

It’s best to charge Red Jasper on a Citrine geode, as it restores its power. In addition, clean this crystal with Cinnamon incense once a month. 

Read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 3*2*1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or chain.
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