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MUSCOVITE with a hole

MUSCOVITE with a hole
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MUSCOVITE comes in several different shades, from light pink to brown to clear yellow. In these different tones there is a specific energy that they give out in addition to the energy that Muscovite owns. The lighter shade Muscovite helps the most to get into contact with Angels and make the world of dreams more active. Pinkish-red Muscovite is associated with emotional healing and is very helpful in relieving pain. Brownish-black Muscovite involves contacting the souls, finding contact with one's soul, and amplifying spiritual energy.

Wearing Muscovite over the Heart Chakra and  Throat Chakra, it can bring the wearer the following:

Wearing Muscovite helps our  Aura to be open to souls and energies, to attract them to ourselves for the positive purpose of protecting us. In order to prevent bad souls from reaching the Aura field, it is advisable to wear some protective crystals such as  Black TourmalineHawk’s EyeTiger’s EyeBlack Obsidian.

- Muscovite is a crystal that helps you get in touch with yourself, helping you to hear your own inner voice and take it into account. A person can not lose contact with oneself, which is what happens to most people. Muscovite is a crystal that teaches you about your own soul and to listen to the intuition in it. This, in turn, makes life easier to handle, helping you to understand what and when you should do. Muscovite helps you to understand what's right for you and what's wrong for you. Muscovite is very beneficial crystal for the self-development and spiritual growth. I recommend Muscovite to you if you feel that you want to lead your own life.

- Muscovite has the ability to help you get on the right path, and if you're on the right track, then to stay there. There are several different ways in our fate about how you can accomplish your tasks. There are better and worse ways. Muscovite helps you find the best way you can accomplish your life's tasks more effectively. We can choose how we get somewhere in our lives, but the challenges and tasks remain the same. Muscovite helps you to live so that your life benefits you as much as possible. This crystal will help you to live your life the way you want to live, helping you to free yourself from the chains that hold you back, breaking down the blockades and guiding you towards your goals. This crystal is a complete self-help crystal that has all the power to make you move for something that you very much expect in your life.

- Muscovite is very useful in inviting dreams, it has the ability to bring prophetic visions and messages that you can greatly benefit from. Muscovite has the ability to activate your mind so that you could see dreams. When you wear Muscovite during the day, it will heal your higher senses and help you to receive prophetic visions in the night. It is also suitable for inviting dreams even when you are dreaming very rarely. If you do not see dreams and you really want to make a better contact with the world of dreams, Muscovite will surely fit into your life. This crystal has the ability to clarify the world of your dreams and, in this case, helps very well where the dreams are intermittent or confusing that it's difficult to interpret them. If you have such dreams, Muscovite can bring clarity to the world of your dreams. 

- Muscovite opens telepathic skills, if they exist within us, it is advisable at the same time to wear some of the third eye crystals, which are KyaniteIoliteScoleciteLazurite etc.

- The use of Muscovite extends your horizons, it is a crystal that helps you understand more of what is happening in the world, helping you to see our Earth system and why the Earth has created something and why we need it. This crystal is especially useful to you if you want to understand more about why we live on Earth and what our goal here is. It is a crystal that helps to free self-centred thinking so that spiritual development can take place. The more you can look on the outside, the more you can learn from the life on Earth.


- Muscovite is a healer's crystal for a person suffering from overeating, constant appetite and nightly appetite issues. Muscovite helps to reduce appetite, block excessive eating and it helps to prevent from over gorge. A very useful crystal if you want to make your eating habits better and more balanced. I recommend wearing during a diet and in the case of the problems listed above.

- Treats colon and kidney disease. Muscovite helps to control blood sugar, helps to get rid of constant hunger and bloating, improves the health of the digestive organs, combining with Amethyst helps to get rid of insomnia and improve sleep disorders.


Muscovite is a happiness talisman for  Leo. Muscovite has the power to activate the Leos luck channel, the Solar Plexus Chakra and, through this, invite the fulfilment of wishes in to Leos life. If Leo wears Muscovite with another crystal, it will help the other crystals power to act faster. Muscovite will help Leo to make his dream to come true. Help with the fulfilment of wishful thinking.

The effect of the zodiac crystal is transferred even if the talisman is worn for some other purpose.


Muscovite is suitable for those who are born in the Year of the Pig according to Chinese astrology and it is a special symbol of happiness for those who will be born in the year 2019 as pigs.

We recommend to charge and clean talismans and crystal jewellery from time to time to increase their energy levels. To do this, we recommend cleaning the crystal a few times a month under the running water, or once a month during the Full Moon, and every night, to keep the jewellery under the moonlight on an  Amethyst or Quartz geode. 

Size ca 3*2*1cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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