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WHITE HOWLITE spot earrings (silver 925)

WHITE HOWLITE  spot earrings (silver 925) JEWELRY
WHITE HOWLITE spot earrings (silver 925)
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WHITE HOWLITE is a white coloured or beige - white tinted crystal, with grey and black lines. White Howlite is one of the best healers of the soul, whose energy can help very thoroughly and very deeply. White Howlite is a highly valued therapy crystal due to its stress-relieving properties. White Howlite mainly originates from Canada and I recommend this crystal first and foremost to those who want to bring peace to their lives. White Howlite is not only a soothing crystal, but it can also free from fears and overthinking which a very large number of people have to face. If you are looking for a crystal that would help you to feel well, then White Howlite is definitely this crystal. I feel like White Howlite works the best with our Aether body when you wear it as close to the Third Eye as possible as it’s main effects are related to that Chakra. Therefore wearing White Howlite as earrings is almost the only possibility for the crystal to have an effect on the Third Eye.

Every crystal as its own personality and ability, but using, wearing, setting or combining them differently, they will, in turn, give out even more interesting power, effect and mystical energy for us for the environment.


- White Howlite relieves sleeping disorders and helps to heal problems that have set their roots to very deep.

- Increases tact, tolerance, removes nervous behaviour, relives the easily aggravated mind, calms, helps to cope with anxious situations, helps to heal from the constant mood swings.

- White Howlite is a crystal that helps to heal and recover the human soul, helping with its supportive energy to improve everything that has emotional wounds. White Howlite acts as a patch under which the wound can heal properly. When wearing White Howlite, it heals the places in the souls of the human being that are allowing the bad spirits to reach the soul. 

- White Howlite is a deep emotional healer with the ability to remove all the stress and discomfort energy collected in the human soul. White Howlite acts as a filter to help you to free up the most deeply troublesome energy. White Howlite is able to go into subconsciousness with its own power and begin to heal there. It is very useful to wear White Howlite to heal internal problems.

- Helps the INDIGO CHILDREN to cope with CRYSTAL CHILDREN, helping to understand them more and not to get annoyed easily or pour out their sadness on them.

- Makes the wearer calmer and helps to focus on solving different tasks/problems/goals.

- Is a useful power object for people who wish to change their eating habits or improve their lifestyle. White Howlite is the so-called “diet” crystal that subconsciously helps to choose the right foods for your body and, at the same time, to avoid harmful things. White Howlite is useful for people who can’t say no to sweet, especially to chocolate.

- Calms nerves and muscles. Helps when the body can’t relax on its own anymore or the tension in muscles won’t let to fall asleep.

- Helps to get rid of self-criticism.

Useful to be worn at nights for its calming effect. Besides, that helps to physically rest after astral projections. Astral projections can be physically exhausting and the person can’t rest at night. 


Wear White Howlite if you have any of the following problems:

- White Howlite heals and helps you to get rid of stress, overload, tension, nervousness. White Howlite helps to heal panic attacks and fears. White Howlite helps the overactive mind to become more silent, helping to get rid of overthinking and panic. This crystal helps to turn yourself off and silence your own emotions. 

- A useful crystal for dieting and healthy eating habits. White Howlite helps you devote more on your health and learn to eat healthier. In addition, White Howlite helps to suppress the constant need to eat and snack on something. 

- If you are suffering from sleep problems, you do not get enough sleep or have issues with falling asleep, then White Howlite can be the crystal that can help you with this problem. 

- White Howlite helps the overactive mind become silent, helping to get rid of overthinking and panic. It's a crystal that helps you turn yourself off and silence your own emotions. 

-The crystal which helps to absorb calcium and it is useful to wear when it is desired to heal bones and skeletons. 


White Howlite successfully works with the Crown Chakra and is a very useful crystal for channelling. White Howlite helps to experience out-of-body experiences and visions. It’s very useful to carry White Howlite for seeing again the places that are unknown to you and to travel back and forth in time in your sleep.


PISCES is the most affected by Aquamarine as it helps to strengthen their intuition and connect them with Angels and communicate with them. Aquamarine has the ability to give Pisces messages to Angels and Pisces themselves to interpret messages from Angels. 

For AQUARIUS Aquamarine is a supporting love crystal with their main Garnet. Aquamarine helps to bring romance and relationship peace to Aquarian’s life.

For SCORPIOS Aquamarine is one of the main love crystals that activate in the hands of Scorpios quite fast. Useful crystal to be kept in the birth crystal set or love crystal altar. When Scorpio wants to attract love to his life or set his relationship into flames then he could wear Aquamarine with him daily.

For GEMINI Aquamarine has a very special meaning - it's one of these signs love crystals. Firstly, Aquamarine increases his feelings for his partner, helping to deepen the relationship. It teaches him the value of love and directs him to express his feelings even more. Aquamarine helps Gemini to understand who his heart belongs to. Aquamarine brings love luck to Gemini life, helping to find new love or make feelings for his partner even stronger.


White Howlite is very useful for people who are born in the year of the Rabbit, or Cat. White Howlite helps the Rabbit to be more tolerant and teaches them that you can’t tell everything out loud to others. Rabbits are quite honest, but sometimes they may hurt people close to them with that honesty.

I recommend charging White Howlite crystal with Rock Crystal or Celestite geode and clean it with SageLavender or Jasmine ritual plant/incense/candle.
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