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La Tene bracelets for men are made by myself. Producing them I have put together crystals with special energies that are able to work for one particular purpose. These are jewellery i have created for men to wear. If you combine the crystals, then more specific energies will open up and they begin to work more thoroughly and quicker to transfer the power.

Men can wear any kind of crystals, but certain crystals exist that transmit extremely helpful energies for men – these are male energy crystals. Certain crystals begin to work faster in a man`s energy than in a woman`s. I have taken that into account in creating the jewellery for men.

All crystal jewellery can be worn together, but it is always good to wear crystals with similar power so that the desired result would come faster into your life. I suggest that the crystals be chosen by your intuition, based on what item or crystal speaks to your soul.

Throughout the ages, men have been wearing crystal jewellery or carried just pieces of crystals with them. From the history of crystals, it is known that in war men wore Jet, to make them invisible to the enemy. Agate, to protect them from misfortune, evil and illnesses. Tiger`s eye, to make them more wealthy and abundant. Initially, only men used crystals.

Keep your crystals carefully, clean them with ritual plant smoke and charge them on the geodes. This is to ensure that the item would not lose its power and it would be able to release the unnecessary energies and work with you for years.

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