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La Tene bracelets for men are made by myself. Producing them I have put together crystals with special energies that are able to work for one particular purpose. These are jewellery i have created for men to wear. If you combine the crystals, then more specific energies will open up and they begin to work more thoroughly and quicker to transfer the power.

Men can wear any kind of crystals, but certain crystals exist that transmit extremely helpful energies for men – these are male energy crystals. Certain crystals begin to work faster in a man`s energy than in a woman`s. I have taken that into account in creating the jewellery for men.

All crystal jewellery can be worn together, but it is always good to wear crystals with similar power so that the desired result would come faster into your life. I suggest that the crystals be chosen by your intuition, based on what item or crystal speaks to your soul.

Throughout the ages, men have been wearing crystal jewellery or carried just pieces of crystals with them. From the history of crystals, it is known that in war men wore Jet, to make them invisible to the enemy. Agate, to protect them from misfortune, evil and illnesses. Tiger`s eye, to make them more wealthy and abundant. Initially, only men used crystals.

Keep your crystals carefully, clean them with ritual plant smoke and charge them on the geodes. This is to ensure that the item would not lose its power and it would be able to release the unnecessary energies and work with you for years.

La Tene bracelet "CAR PROTECTION"
-25 %
La Tene bracelet"CAR PROTECTION" is meant for both men and women. This power object is made in as many sizes as possible to make this possible. There are natural semi-precious stones in this bracelet, as are in all La Tene`s boutique jewelleries. “Car protection" is created with two cry..
14.18€ 18.90€
Ex Tax:11.81€
La Tene bracelet for men "BLOODSTONE" is designed specially for men. All La Tene jewellery are made from natural gemstones, which means that, besides looking beautiful, they also have energetic power. The Bloodstone bracelet is made with a special bracelet rubber, which makes wearing it ve..
32.58€ 34.30€
Ex Tax:27.15€
La Tene bracelet for men "BRONZITE" is only designed with natural Bronzite crystals like all our crystal jewellery. Bronzite carries a very masculine energy within itself and when a man wears it then he will become more masculine. Bronzite is very good at grounding tensions, relieves ..
Ex Tax:20.50€
La Tene bracelet for men "BRONZITE" nugget
-15 %
These are the pieces and therefore the sizes are limited.La Tene bracelet for men "BRONZITE" is only designed with natural Bronzite crystals like all our crystal jewellery. Bronzite carries very masculine energy within itself and when a man wears it then he will become more mascu..
20.40€ 24.00€
Ex Tax:17.00€
La Tene bracelet for men "CAREER"
-25 %
La Tene bracelet for men "CAREER" is designed for men who wish to find success at work and in their careers. Magical bracelet that brings good luck. Bracelet is made with three different crystals that create exactly that energy. This magical bracelet has Smoky Qua..
28.35€ 37.80€
Ex Tax:23.63€
La Tene bracelet for men "DREAMS COMING TRUE" is created by Tene herself and is a special object of power for a man who wishes to bring luck into his life through crystals. "DREAMS COMING TRUE" is created with Tiger´s Eye, Black Obsidian and Hematite. Bracelet is made with a specia..
Ex Tax:19.92€
La Tene bracelet for men "GARNET" is made especially for men. This bracelet is created from only natural Garnet crystals, like all other of our pieces. A bracelet for a man is made of a special jewellery rubber band that makes wearing it very comfortable. Garnet is a very useful ..
23.75€ 25.00€
Ex Tax:19.79€
La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS"
-10 %
La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS" is created with two crystals - Bronzite and Onyx. The bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear. Bracelet is made with crystal´s with male energy suitable for a man´s Aura field. ..
22.68€ 25.20€
Ex Tax:18.90€
These are pieces and therefore the sizes are limited.La Tene bracelet for men "SARDONYX" is created from only natural Sardonyx crystals, like all other of our pieces. Sardonyx carries a very masculine energy and when a man carries this crystal with him, then he will get more powe..
37.91€ 39.90€
Ex Tax:31.59€
La Tene bracelet for men "SMOKER" is especially made for men. “Smoker” is created for quitting smoking and tobacco addiction. This object of power has Smoky Quartz that helps to quit smoking, and Lava that helps to be strong enough to get rid of this addiction. ..
Ex Tax:16.58€
La Tene bracelet for men "SODALITE"
-10 %
Last pieces, limited sizes.La Tene bracelet for men "SODALITE" is only made from natural Sodalite crystals, like all our crystal pieces. Sodalite is very useful for a man as it firstly helps to make his spiritual energy field in the Aura field become more powerful and ..
25.56€ 28.40€
Ex Tax:21.30€
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