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ROSEMARY essential oil

ROSEMARY essential oil
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ROSEMARY is a plant with several palettes and several different good qualities. Rosemary is used as a home alternative treatment for healing various problems. Rosemary is a very useful plant and I would definitely recommend adding it to your daily routine, getting to know this plant and practice using it for self-healing.

In addition, Rosemary is used as a ritual plant in a wide variety of witchcraft and magic cultures around the world. 


Rosemary essential oil is useful for cleaning home and crystal energies. 

Rosemary oil not only helps you stay healthy, but it also helps your crystals and home, helping to release the bad stress energy that is attached to your home or crystals. When you burn Rosemary oil inside an oil lamp the crystals in this room will be cleaned, as well as the atmosphere of that room. Rosemary oil helps to release stress energy. When crystals have gathered a lot of negative energy inside of them from helping you, then Rosemary oil helps to release it. When there is an overly nervous environment at home, then it helps to let go of it. Burning Rosemary oil a lot helps with your well-being.

Rosemary essential oil combined with Sage essential oil s great for cleaning home energy. Drop both the oils to one and the same or separate oil lamps and let these oils clean your home energy. Combining Sage and Rosemary essential oils helps to remove the energies that have gotten stuck at home, energies that will bring along relationship problems to a family and home. If there are many quarrels or misunderstandings in the family, it is worth doing so. In addition, combining these two essential oils is also useful for cleaning the home air. 

Rosemary oil unleashes the luck energies of love in the Aura Field and at home.

You can read more about the Rosemary plant from HERE.


Respiratory system

Rosemary oil helps to improve the respiratory system, helping to recover from colds faster and keep them away. When you wish to be healthy, then burn rosemary oil in the oil lamp, so you could inhale its healing properties.

Asthma and dust allergy

If you are asthmatic or have an allergy to dust, Rosemary oil is very useful to use. Rosemary oil has antiseptic qualities, it helps to purify air and reduce allergic reactions. Burn Rosemary oil in an oil lamp to minimize reactions and to heal yourself.

Hair growth and clean scalp

Rosemary oil helps your hair grow faster and better. If you have a problem with hair growth, the hair is falling out, the scalp is oily or has dandruff, and you want to get a solution to all this, the use of Rosemary oil may be the solution to your concern. When washing your hair, drip 1-2 drops of Rosemary oil into the shampoo and thoroughly wash your hair. Avoid getting shampoo and oil in your eyes, it shouldn't happen. If this happens, quickly wash your eyes thoroughly. Essential oils should never come into contact with the eyes. Wash with Rosemary oil for as long as the problem is gone.

Rosemary essential oil prevents hair loss caused by stress hormones. If you use this oil for scalp care, it will stop the damage caused by stress hormones. 


This essential oil has the ability to fight the acne and get rid of it. To do this, use another oil with 1-2 drops of Rosemary oil and apply it to acne. It must not be done very often, but once a week is enough, as it will help to get rid of the acne. Rosemary oil has an antiseptic effect and gives the acne-causing bacteria a serious counter-attack.


Rosemary should definitely be part of your beauty routine. This essential oil is perfect for recovery by helping, therefore, to keep the skin looking youthful. 

Skin diseases

In addition to the acne that is a skin condition, Rosemary oil can also heal other skin diseases. For example, if your body has different allergic reactions besides the facial skin, the skin is flaking off and is not beautiful, then you should use Rosemary oil. Mix the Rosemary oil with another oil (not with essential oil) and massage these oils into the damaged areas.

Strong immune system

Rosemary strengthens immunity, helping you to be stronger and more resilient against different viruses and pathogens. The use of rosemary oil helps the body to gain strength.

Thought process

Rosemary oil has a stimulating effect when you breathe in this steam or smear 1-2 drops on your forehead. If you want your idea to fly so you can analyse and focus, massage a few drops of oil on your forehead. After a while, you may feel how your brain activity improves.


Rosemary oil acts as an antidepressant. Rosemary oil has the ability to relieve stress and is very useful at a time when you are nervous, powerless, with no energy and negative. You have to do something about it, in order to remove negativity from yourself. Take Rosemary oil and let it heal you, it acts as an antidepressant.

With soothing effect

Rosemary is able to heal depression and stress and it can also be calming. Breathing in rosemary oil from vapour from the aroma lamp or directly from the bottle helps the body to calm down. If you feel you are nervous, tense or need immediate calming, Rosemary oil will help you. Otherwise, if you don't feel the best and want to defuse tension, let the Rosemary oil take it off. It is especially useful to use this oil before going to bed. However, if you want to experience good sleep, drop a few drops of oil into your pillowcase.


Rosemary oil is able to relieve the pain, and in order for it to work, it should be applied to the body with some other oil (which is not essential oil). I recommend that you combine rosemary oil with one of the oils I mentioned above in the use of Rosemary oil. Massage oils on the body in a painful spot and, if the pain is very strong, add a little more of Rosemary to the other oil.

Free from cellulite

Rosemary essential oil is one of the oils that are useful for getting rid of cellulite. n addition to rosemary, Mandarin essential oil has the same effect. For a better result, it is reasonable and useful to use these oils together. Pour your favourite carrier oil into your palm and drop 6 drops of Mandarin and 6 drops of Rosemary essential oil into it. Mix the oils together and apply to your skin area where cellulite is present. The combination of these two essential oils helps to stimulate blood circulation and therefore reduce cellulite. To get the result, this procedure should be done on a long-term basis. 


Rosemary essential oil can be burned in an oil lamp. You can find the lamp manual on our website. All the oil lamps in our e-shop selection can be found HERE, which contain the information needed on how to use it.

Another option is to apply the essential oil on your skin, but in this case, the essential oil must be mixed with another oil (not with essential oil but carrier oil), such as olive, coconut, almond or jojoba oil. Essential oils can be scorching on the skin and therefore should be applied to the body with another oil. When mixing essential oils with other oils, use just a few drops in the other oil. Pour as much of water mixed with oil to the oil lamp as strong of aroma you want to feel in the room.

The third option is to drop Rosemary oil on the sheets, so at night you can breathe it in and then Rosemary can heal you at night.

A full-length article about Rosemary and its essential oils can be found HERE. In this article, I have highlighted several more uses of Rosemary essential oil.

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All health advice and information are not health care information. It's Tene's own knowledge and personal opinions and recommendations. The use of essential oils is the own responsibility of every person.

Info Rosemary 100% essential oil, Tunesia. Rosemary essential oil is almost transparent. It's part of the La Tene essential oil collection.
Caution Do not use undiluted essential oils. Dilute essential oils prior to use on the skin, for example with olive, coconut, almond or jojoba oil. Pregnant and children should use essential oils with extreme caution. Never leave essential oil unattended to the reach of children and do not use them internally! Do know if the given essential oil is suitable for your skin or not, try it on a small patch of your skin first. For that, take a carrier oil (coconut, olive, almond or jojoba), mix it with a few drops of essential oil and apply it to your wrist. Let it stay there for a few minutes and then wash it off. After that, you'll see how your skin reacts. When redness appears, then you should not use this essential oil on your skin. When there is no reaction, then your body will accept the healing properties of this essential oil.
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