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La Tene crystal set "GOOD LUCK FOR WORK"

La Tene crystal set "GOOD LUCK FOR WORK"
La Tene crystal set "GOOD LUCK FOR WORK"
La Tene crystal set "GOOD LUCK FOR WORK"
La Tene crystal set "GOOD LUCK FOR WORK"
La Tene crystal set "GOOD LUCK FOR WORK"
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  • Model: La Tene kristallikomplekt "TÖÖALANE HEA ÕNN"

La Tene crystal set "GOOD LUCK FOR WORK" is assembled only from natural semi-precious gemstones. The purpose of this crystal set is to provide energy support to achieve good luck, success and prosperity through work. The combined energy of these crystals will help increase your personal success. All crystals are small, put in a bag and very convenient to carry with you.

This set includes Red Agate, Yellow Quartz and Red Sardonyx, which increase your ambition, add energy, strength and make you very active in your work life. These crystals support the growth of your professional happiness.

Red Agate protects against occupational misfortune by adding value to this crystal set, which is to block prosperous misfortune. Red Agate increases your will to act, your ability, and will not allow you to give up when there is a more difficult period.

Yellow Quartz is an activator of money energy, helping to increase cash flow through work. This crystal energetically supports the achievement of economic prosperity. The work should be for self-realization and worldly comfort, which requires a balance, which Yellow Quartz helps to ensure.

Red Sardonyx will help you rise on the ladder of success, opening up new opportunities in your life, increasing your competitiveness and providing opportunities for development. It brings everything new into your life opens doors and creates a good ground for the future.

This crystal set can be kept together with the La Tene crystal set "Worldly misfortune blocker" to further support the growth of monetary energy. These kits work great together.

If possible, keep this crystal set in the work environment, carry it with you when working, keep it in the car during working hours (if your work is mobile) or keep it at home with other crystals of abundance.

This is a good gift idea for those who want to bring good luck to a new job.

Clean and activate this crystal set from time to time with
Cinnamon incense to keep these crystals working for as long as possible.

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