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La Tene crystal set "LIBRA"

La Tene crystal set "LIBRA"
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La Tene crystal set "LIBRA" is created only from natural semi-precious stones. This crystal set includes the main luck crystals for this zodiac sign. All three, Snow QuartzGreen Aventurine and Hawk's Eye. bring prosperity, positivity, optimism, protection and love to Sagittarius. I recommend keeping these crystals close to Sagittarius, keeping them in a birth crystal box or giving them to Sagittarius, to whom you want to convey good luck.

The crystal set is placed in a bag with an explanation of the crystals.

Libra is the seventh zodiac sign in the system, controlled by the power of Venus. Venus is what gives Libra romance, closeness and the need for approval, sensitivity and creativity. Libra begins on 23 September and ends on 22 October.

Snow Quartz has an extremely calming, balancing, stress-relieving and good energy-creating effect for Libra. It is a great reliever and healer, healing the emotional and mental body of Libra. Increases the feeling of well-being and the ability to live in the moment and enjoy it. Snow Quartz will definitely increase Libra's personal happiness and satisfaction.

Green Aventurine brings prosperity, wealth, financial luck, work success, ambitions and material dreams to the representative of Libra zodiac sign. This supports the material side of the Libra life. In addition, Green Aventurine is a crystal of the Heart Chakra, which also creates good energy in the relationship, inviting love.

Hawk's Eye is a strong protective crystal, helping Libra to be intuitive and increasing his personal ability to make good decisions. This speeds up decision-making, helping you find the best choice. Protects against the dangers of the external environment and keeps bad luck away from Libra.

I recommend that Sagittarius also wears these crystals as jewellery to bring even more success and luck to your life. Cleanse it from time to time with Nag Champa incense, so the energy of crystals could always be active.

Other crystals that Libra wants in their lives can be added to the set!

Read my full-length article about Libra HEREIt has everything about the nature of Libra and the crystals that bring them happiness.

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals HERE.
Size Medium-sized crystals. Crystals are placed in a small back. Comes with a crystal description.
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